Heavy Metals, Energy and Hormone Problems, with Wendy Myers: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 38


In the latest edition of Your Adrenal Fix Podcast, I had the opportunity to talk to nutritional expert Wendy Myers about her Myers detox protocols for heavy metals. Specifically, I wanted to ask Wendy what heavy metal toxicity has to do with hormone problems, energy production, and the ability to deal with stress.

Like many of my guests, Wendy had her own story of health challenges. As well, like many who suffer from a chronic health problem, she was doing what she felt was all the right things. From eating healthy, taking a ton of supplements, but still, she didn’t feel happy, couldn’t lose weight, suffered from brain fog. She just knew for all the work and effort she was putting in, something must be wrong. Because it wasn’t because of her diet and lifestyle.

She then learned from her doctor that she had low thyroid levels, her cortisol was low, had nutritional deficiencies, and her doctor wanted to put her on hormone replacements.

At 37 years of age.

That is when she heard about the hair tissue mineral analysis test.

Tests For Heavy Metals:

As Wendy mentions, there is not one perfect heavy metal test.

The problem with blood tests is that when exposed to heavy metals a long time ago when they have been sequestered into other tissues, the blood test is normal.

Wendy suggests that hair, urine, and stool tests all have their advantages, and if possible a combination of all 3 would be the most specific in determining your heavy metal burden.

After Wendy started detoxing, she started feeling better and better and better.

The Relationship Between Heavy Metals, Energy and Hormones:

First, Wendy finds that the most common heavy metals that she sees are aluminum, arsenic, thallium, and cesium. She explained that these metals that we get exposed to from our environment, basically poison your enzymes.

The enzymes they typically impact are ones that help transfer nutrients into your mitochondria. If you are not getting nutrients into the mitochondria, then you are not going to have a lot of energy.

Furthermore, these heavy metals also poison a class of enzymes called your hydroxylase enzymes. These enzymes are responsible for converting your hormones into different metabolites so that they can be utilized. So if you have heavy metal toxicity, you may have your sex hormone production impacted.

Keep in mind, when you are stressed, your stress hormones are made in the sex hormone steroid cycle.

Wendy suggested once a heavy metal load is determined, then binders, saunas, and detoxing nutrients can all help with removing the burden.

As a result, your energy, hormones, and ability to handle stress, will all normalize.

Be sure to check out Wendy here.


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