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“Dr. Rosen, I for one really appreciate all that you have done for me. You helped me in ways that conventional medicine and “specialists” couldn’t. Your heart is in the right place, you make it your daily life to help people get better in a way that works for real.
I’m a professional tennis player and travel all around the world. In a pretty stressful environment. He gave me a great protocol, to work on every day, and now I’m feeling great. Last year was the best year of my life, had great success on the court, finished number one in the world, and I think Joel contributed a lot to it. I recommend Joel, he’s the adrenal fatigue ninja.
I started having temperature regulation problems, brain fog, visual problems, dizziness, bruising easily, and lethargy. I went to my regular doctor, and he said I needed to grief counselling. As a nurse, I knew more was going. I learned that I had an MTHFR concern from a genetic test. When some of the stuff we started with began to work, it’s such a great feeling. I’m no longer freezing when everyone else is fine. I don’t have as much brain fog. I was so tired I could’nt even think. I have the tools that you taught me that I do, when I know it is coming, and that in invaluable. Feeling better is a no brainer.

Meet Dr. Joel Rosen

“The Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Ninja,” founder and creator

Dr Joel Rosen, D.C, CFMP, knows how it feels to suffer with adrenal fatigue, just how validating it is to finally find a medical diagnosis. Dr Joel call’s himself the “Adrenal Fatigue Recover ninja, to signify the stealth like warrior that you must personify in order to recover from the adrenal fatigue “nightmare”. Think of adrenal fatigue society as the training arena to empower it’s community.

Adrenal Fatigue "Warrior" Toolkit

Claim your free VIP membership and enjoy instant access to my Adrenal Fatigue “Warrior” Toolkit

  • An easy to understand, guide on how to communicate with your doctor about your adrenal health
  • How to quickly and accurately identify your key reversible stressors
  • Quickly learn about the most important hormone tests that identify the problem
  • Easy, effective solutions to getting back your energy
  • My TOP 10 Adrenal Warrior Supplements with a complete video explanation