MTHFR and Stress

MTHFR is an enzyme in your body that plays a vital role in making energy. When under constant stress, not only are the adrenal glands under siege, so is your entire body. MTHFR and stress can combine to create the perfect storm.

When constantly dealing with stress, day in day out will ultimately lead the burnout. But not just any ordinary burnout. Most likely, and deep, profound amount of fatigue.

All the environmental stressors that you experience on a day to day basis, are known as “epigenetics”.

Thankfully, your body is engineered in dealing with all these environmental stressors. Otherwise known as your genetics.

Together, the human body must effectively combine genetics, with epigenetics to achieve optimal health. Optimal energy.

Your body is equipped with the inborn ability to maintain homeostasis. Influenced by epigenetics. Meaning, the body has learned how to respond to the environment, mostly through adaptation.

This adaptation process is not always perfect, or easy to maintain. That is, if there is a family trait that has been passed down in your DNA, you may be more susceptible to express that gene.

If stressors are bombarding your body every day, and the DNA is more susceptible, then the body is more likely to start to breakdown. No longer handling stress as well.

MTHFR and stress is a big clue. Because this gene mutation is very common, along with an ever-escalating stress cascade, it is necessary to understand what’s happening.

When understood, you will be equipped with the ability to recover from your chronic health condition.

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