Why You Must Become A Biohacker, with Dave Korsunsky: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 39

In this episode of Your Adrenal Fix, I talk to Dave Korsunsky, the CEO of Heads Up Health, why it’s so important as to why you must become a biohacker.

Becoming a health detective:

Like many of my guests, Dave Korsunksy has a personal story of burnout.  Being in the tech industry, and into engineering computer systems, Dave realized with all the work, stress, deadlines, demands, late-night, partying, etc, that he became burnt out.

Experiencing stress overload, not being as sharp and analytical, and the toll all of that placed on his body. Dave admitted that he needed better techniques for managing his health. 

The story of how that evolved into creating his data driven “Heads Up Health” is simply amazing.  Dave would ultimately reverse engineer and apply the same concepts involed in enginerring computer systems, to engineering of the human body, or his body.

That is why I was so excited to interview Dave. Because to me, more then learning how to engineer your body for great health is at stake with learning how to biohacker (more on that later).

However, learning how engineer your body, so that you can regain your health, is amazing in it’s own right. Not just regaining health, but recovering from burnout.

Feeling exhausted sucks, let’s face it.

Not having enough energy to get through the day, without relying on stimulants, multiple cups of coffee, sweet foods, energy drinks, a ton of supplements, sucks too.

Especially if they aren’t working.

Dave basically said, “tools didn’t exist for him to bring all of his data together” and really make sense of it all.

That is when he realized he needed to start to become his own health detective.

Solving the Analytics Problem:

Dave explained that with computer systems, you can have data that isn’t talking to each other. Otherwise known as a bunch of fragments of data. Dave said that is known as an analytics problem.

He said that that is what was happening to his health.  He was going from doctor to doctor, getting the different tests done, and none of the data was talking to each other.

Which is a major roadblock to recovery? When the data is talking to each other, Dave explained that you can begin to see trends. Trends on how that data relates to one another.

That is when Dave had a lightbulb moment. That if he can somehow bring the information together, see the trends, then you would be able to have a huge impact on your health.

Hence…become a biohacker.

When you begin to see these trends, you can then develop awareness on how life, your life, impacts your body. Which ultimately means making better decisions.

As Dave says “seeing patterns, that doctors aren’t telling you about” was very powerful for him.

When you have been suffering for so long, without seeing the needle move in your ability to regain your energy, you begin to become discouraged.

Changing The Health Care Paradigm:

The other reason I was so excited to talk to Dave, and fully endorse his company Heads Up Health, is the impact it will have on health care.

Health care is sickness care. It is about waiting for your lab markers to be “failing the grade” before any warning signs are sounded. Or when any support is implemented.

Tracking daily biomarkers, like blood sugar, ketones, blood pressure, temperature, activity, heart rate variability, sleep scores, activity levels (the list can be endless) can revolutionize health.

When your data track this key variable, along with your past medical history, you can see amazing trends. Because now, your health data is communicating with each other.

Dave said, like a trader in the stock market, who studies the information, you can now make data-driven decisions. That is why he started his Heads Up Health Data-Driven Podcast. 

Working With An Expert: 

Because this is brand new information, and the body has an infinite number of variables, the numbers can get difficult.

Heads up health gives its members, access to their health portal so that they can take the information to any doctor they choose. But it is up to the doctor to know what to do with it.

That is why I think a health paradigm shift is mandatory. For doctors and patients alike.

Patients should raise their antenna’s on lifestyle factors and metrics that they do every day.

While doctors should raise their antenna’s on put the information together, and seeing the trends.

The trends with functional medicine values.  Like their dutch test, organic acid test, blood chemistries, microbiome health, etc.

The trends with their nutrigenomic report.

The trends with their lifestyle metrics (blood sugar, ketones, blood pressure, temperature, activity, heart rate variability, sleep scores, activity levels, etc.

Then put it all together.

For Dave, his nutrigenomic data was “a game-changer”.

Once you learn to become a biohacker, you will take charge of your health.

Dave’s goal vision is to connect to your genomic data, connect to labs, understand lifestyle, functional test, GI health, etc. This will create machine learning.

With that, I feel this will redefine how health care is practiced. Give more information on how doctors diagnose, track, and treat their patients.

As well as make proper decisions, which lifestyle modifications need to be changed. Ultimately what will move the dial the most.

I have developed my Adrenal Hacker Professional Portal to allow you to have the 360 view of their health:

Allow you to get the help you need to recover from your exhaustion.

If you would love how to become an adrenal hacker click here  

In closing, David gives us his top biohacks.

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