Metabolism Reset Diet, with Dr. Alan Christianson: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 37

In this edition of Your Adrenal Fix Podcast, I get the opportunity to pick Dr. Alan Christianson’s brain about his new book called “The Metabolism Reset Diet”.

The Metabolism Reset Diet Concept:

Doctor Alan’s first book is called the Adrenal Reset Diet. I did explain to Alan that I was proud of him that he wrote such a great back, and admitted to him that I was a little envious too. Because I have a book (more like 10) that I have published in my head, that hasn’t actually made it press yet.

After we both laughed, I asked Dr. Alan what the difference was between his first book and his second.

He mentioned that in the Metabolism Reset diet, it was born out of a clinic that he worked in that saw metabolic syndrome/diabetic patients. Whereas the Adrenal reset diet was specially geared towards those that were dealing with an adrenal based problem.

That opened the door for me to get Dr. Alan’s take on the entire adrenal fatigue controversy (more on the metabolic reset diet later).

Dr. Alan agreed, that the term Adrenal Fatigue is a really inappropriate term for what is actually happening. He mentioned that endocrinologist and the research supports a term called adrenal insufficiency. That is, similar to Hashimotos’ for the thyroid, the immune system attacks the adrenal glands, such that the output from the adrenal glands are unable to make enough cortisol. This is called Addison’s disease.

However, the research does not support that the adrenals actually stop producing cortisol if it is not an Addison’s presentation. Rather, Dr. Alan highlights that the research supports the fact that your circadian rhythm is a great predictor of health. That your circadian rhythm predicts longevity, disease, your symptoms, and can be influenced by a healthy lifestyle.

The connection to the adrenal output is the fact that it is based on a circadian rhythm, and this circadian rhythm can and does become disrupted with the continuation of stress.

Back to the Metabolism Reset Diet.

Based on 2 shakes and a meal, the main emphasis is for controlling blood sugar, and liver function. The great news is the fact that Dr. Alan and his program provide hope that it is possible to change your metabolism. Especially by focusing on supporting your liver function.

Rebooting Your Metabolism:

By focusing on your liver, Dr. Alan can reboot your metabolism. A great concept that Dr. Alan talks about is the total load. That is, there is not bad or good food per se. Rather, it is the total load, that impacts the liver. If you can keep the total load down, the liver has flexibility to work efficiently. As Dr. Alan says”Its’ the load” and the food “breaks down to the same molecule”

The most important concept is kind of the same idea of data in equals data out. Whatever goes into the liver should come out of the liver. By controlling the total load, you will be able to regenerate a very resilient liver.  

A great quote that Dr. Alan Christianson says about the liver is the fact that it is “a lot easier to force things on liver then to heal the liver”. Meaning a lot of people focus on the wrong things. Such as detoxing the liver instead of healing the liver.

What’s great is the results Dr. Alan is seeing stating he is “excited to see how quickly body can bounce back when it’s given the right information”

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