How To Make Your Body Alkaline? Why it s so important for boosting your energy?



Dr. Joel Rosen: Alright, hello, everyone and welcome back to another edition of the truth about your health, where we’re on a mission to expose, expose the truth about your health to burn out men and women so that we can empower 100 million people to go from exhausted to energized and I’m excited for our next guests. Clive Burski. I found out about him many, many years ago when he used to have a radio show with Dr. Marshall.

And I’ve used a lot of Clive’s products over the years got a little bit away from it, and I thought it just kind of resonated right back into it. So Clive founded Immuno logics because of his life lifelong personal experiences. At age 21, he had reconstructive knee surgery that started forming when he was only five years old. And in those days, doctors didn’t understand kidney stones that caused mineral deficiency from a diet loaded with Animal and Dairy products.

And then at 28, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. And that resulted in the extraction of his right testicle, his right adrenal gland, and 80 lymph nodes from under the arm down to the pubic bone. To get his adrenal glands, they sought out a rib, it took three and a half months for them, for him to walk after that. And then nine and a half hours of anesthesia coupled with the missing adrenal glands, and a testicle left him in a very debilitated chronic fatigue state for six years.

And doctors told him that there was nothing that they could do. And this is how he’s going to have to end up with the rest of his life. But in 1991, he met a biochemist that understood enough about physiology and nutrition. And it enabled him to be able to have the normal working function to be able to work and drive and talk and two hours a week of proper nutrition and diet modification was what he did. And then it’s been 26 years since then. And he’s excited because he now has dedicated his life to helping support people in the same situation. So Clive, thank you so much for being here. That’s quite a story.


Clive Buirski: I’m excited to be with you, Dr. Rosen. And thank you very much. I’m looking forward to having this visit.

Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, so you know, it’s exciting because ultimately, a lot of the listeners can identify with that, especially not necessarily having their, their testicle or they’re especially for the woman they want to identify with that. But, you know, being told that there’s nothing that they can do. Not putting all the puzzle pieces together.

And this is just how you’re going to have to live your life. And that’s why we call this show the truth about your health. So maybe why don’t we go into the struggles that you had? Not that we want to get into them. But what was the pivotal point that made you decide, hey, like, I’m like, not going to accept what they’ve told me? And I’m going to look for other solutions.


Clive Buirski: It’s a great question. Because it did take six years, for me to realize that there was a different way out of the problem that I was facing, which was the debilitation of chronic fatigue. As you mentioned, I was having great difficulty driving, talking, walking, running the business. I could talk for about five minutes and then I would need to lie down. But, six years after the surgery, I met a biochemist in Southern California and he put me on a nutrition program that enabled my left remaining adrenal gland to recover you know, the adrenal glands take a heck of a beating from anesthesia.

And if you had one removed and you got one left that was still not recovered after the nine and a half hours of anesthesia, it’s not just going to come back to life as normal without any special help. So you know, the nutrients that enable the adrenal glands to function, or primarily vitamin C, and the B vitamins, and magnesium, and potassium, and sodium, and if any of those are missing, to one degree or another is going to determine how well the adrenals are going especially if you just have one adrenal and depending on the overall stress level of that person.

It’s going to be able to determine whether or not that person is going to be able to manage immune function, inflammation. All of the sex hormones, and interestingly enough aldosterone, which is the hormone that the adrenals produce, that enables the kidneys to perform the most incredible function of filtering 2000 liters of blood a day. So that depends on the adrenal’s ability to produce aldosterone. So you know, we’re all familiar with progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol levels. That can also be a problem from a long-term stress point of view.

Because long-term stress produces too much cortisol over overtime, which can contribute to the hardening of the blood vessels. We don’t need any extra help to make our blood vessels stiff, because stiff blood vessels are automatically the consequence of long-term pH mismanagement. Okay, so what I’m saying here is that when we don’t pay attention to keeping whole body pH, alkaline, measured of urine and saliva, but largely to have a measure of urine, because urine pH is more of an indicator of whole-body organ gland cell, pH versus saliva pH is more of an indication of digestive status or digestive potential.

So ultimately, both of those two PHS need to be the same, which is highly alkaline, which is more than 7.4. Hopefully, we can get it up to eight or even higher than eight for optimal cell oxygen, which is going to provide us with the optimal immune response. So if we’ve got a ridiculously alkaline pH measure of urine, that is going to give us the best ability to manage infection. And by the way, that is going to give us the best ability to make new cells that work properly, that are not cancerous. Okay. So for cells to make new normal cells, we need to start with an alkaline pH.


That affords a negative charge of 25 to 50 millivolts of that cell, so it can make a new normal healthy cell, rather than a cell that replicates abnormally. And long term. Putting out abnormal cells is not a good thing, because then we were making tumors, okay, so. So it all comes down to managing pH. And all of those nutrients, interestingly enough, are the same nutrients that we need to manage proper heart health, nerve health, digestive health, it all comes down to the same thing, ultimately, now.

From an adrenal point of view, as I said, we need vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, and sodium to have normal adrenal health. So now it comes down to the form of the nutrients that we just mentioned there. So that we get the best uptake, without having to swallow huge amounts of these nutrients. And also, to be able to take the nutrients in a form that does not contain excipients, such as magnesium steroid or stearic acid or calcium STI rate or any of the other non-nutrient or non-nutrient agents that are used to facilitate the making of capsules and tablets.

They have nothing to do with nutrition, the word magnesium steroid to some people, they think they’re getting a little extra magnesium, but really, it’s a deranged fact, that is an excellent lubricant in the way that manufacturers use it to facilitate To take the proper blending of, of nutritional formula, they’re going to typically put magnesium steerage in there, as a first go around to make sure that they get a full even mix of that blend.

So that when the capsules are made in, they have the same amount of vitamin A, B, C, or whatever that complex might have been, so that it’s evenly spread across the board. Those are the other ingredients on the nutrition label, where it says other ingredients and you see magnesium steroid and stearic acid, and calcium steroid and silicon dioxide. And occasionally, you’ll find a company that is truly let’s say honest with the label, and they might even put talcum as an ingredient, which is used as a lubricant, where the other is calcium Sterrett and magnesium steroid.

Don’t do a good enough job in making the blend work properly. Or if there’s too much waste in the encapsulating process. The manufacturers will use talcum because it’s a super slippery agent. Talcum is is an extremely toxic substance, and is considered a carcinogen. So it’s got certainly no place as an Excipient to make dietary supplements. But the adrenal glands are an incredibly important little pair of glands that communicate with the thyroid, and the pancreas to in the end the spleen to manage sugar metabolism.

So if we’ve got some interference between adrenals and thyroid, and pancreas, we could be running into digestive problems, weight gain problems, and diabetes. So by supporting the adrenal glands as much as we can, and by eating as, enzyme-rich as possible diet, a plant-based enzyme-rich diet is gained to afford the least stress on the digestive system, while being able to get as much of those nutrients to convert to sell energy with the least amount of energy spent. Hopefully, that makes sense. Dr. Rosen?


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, I mean, glad I didn’t want to interrupt, you’re on a roll there, you had a lot of great points. And I have a lot of notes written down. So one of the things that I just wanted to sort of summarize all that you had talked about was the fact that stress is around us in so many ways, shapes, and forms as it was for you. Starting at the age of five, whether it was nutritional stress or mineral deficiencies when you’re five, and when a new kid today turns five, life was completely different.

And the stressors we have now I think, just I guess exponentially from an environmental standpoint, which is even more important about what we’re talking about in today’s day, and age with EMFs and Wi-Fi and pesticides and sprays and round up, and pollutants and chemicals and social media and Pavlovian stressors of notifications and dopamine.

And it’s just the stress is all around us. But one of the things that I like to teach, Clive is the fact that the biggest stress on the body is the ability of your body’s cells to convert the food we eat and the air we breathe into energy. And ultimately, if it doesn’t do that, it doesn’t do it effectively, because of all the stressors from outside is increasing the demand to have to make energy and you’re not efficient at doing it or there’s mineral deficiencies or all of the above, then you’re going to produce oxidative reactance or free radicals or RMLs is and that’s going to drive down your ph which is what you were talking about in terms of pH being your measure of tissue oxygenation, which I want to get into that area of conversation with you because it’s a great tool.

It’s inexpensive, and it’s not on a lot of people’s radars. And, you know, if you measure your pH and you have an acidic value of 5.0, and you’re able, you’re saying we need to get it in the 7.4 to eight, which is a little different than what I’ve been taught and told, and we’re going to get into some of the myths or the wrong information that you saw firsthand that ultimately impacted, you know, a lot of people in adverse ways.

But even before then, being able to measure tissue oxygenation, if you go from five to six, you’re increasing the oxygenation of the cells a hundredfold. So why don’t we talk a little bit Clive of, of the importance of tissue oxygenation, pH, and then maybe we can even get I mean, you did already talk about in terms of immune response and managing infections and making sure that you’re able to replicate your cells effectively. Ultimately, it means that you’re able to convert food and air that you breathe into energy so that your body’s ability to make ATP effectively. So what why don’t we kind of go into your evolution of the importance of PAH given all that you’ve learned from the fact that stress and the impact on the body and the adrenals and nutrition and how PAH just became so pivotal, and then, I guess, the Genesis and evolution you’ve gone through with doing that?


Clive Buirski: You know, it is probably the most important thing that we could discuss. Because PAH not only does it facilitates the ability for the cell to respirate and make ATP. But it’s also a way that the body has a frontline defense against cells being destroyed by free radicals. So what I’m saying is that when the pH is alkaline, that gives the ability for our antioxidant enzymes like superoxide, dismutase, cysteine, and glutathione. And there are several others, that neutralize free radicals before they damage cell membranes.

If the pH is adequately alkaline, so we lose the ability to have normal cell health, from the free radical damage point of view, on a wholesale global cell point of view, when the pH is not healthy, then we have much more free radical activity, which leads to more inflammation, and sets the stage for infections because all of the pathogens take advantage of us when we are in an acid medium when our cells are in an acid medium, because we don’t have much of an of natural defense, and the pathogens just have a party.

And so, the very thing that protects our cell membranes, is the ability to hold that pH so that the enzymes stop the free radicals before the cell membrane is destroyed. And the same is with the contents in the nucleus, the organelles of the cell are also dependent on that medium being alkaline for normal respiration and ATP. And again, it comes back to the cell being able to have normal DNA and the gene being able to express normally all depends on a healthy pH.

And you know, for the people that are concerned with the so-called virus that’s floating around, which I really believe isn’t because the viral the theory of, of, of a virus being caught or being transmitted from one person to another is a really interesting discussion. You know, if a person has a continuing downslide in the pH into the acid realm, they are going to be creating a lot of cell death. And so if we’re sick, we’re gonna have a bunch of stuff cell death.

And if we have a PCR test that PCR test is looking for fragments, cell fragments. And what they’re looking at is the result of the destruction of cells rather than a proper virus being identified. So I’ve got a bit of an issue with the whole PCR test situation, because, you know, they still haven’t identified COVID, one or COVID, two in the full sense of displaying a complete virus with all its genes intact. So, you know, back and then they say, Well, yeah, but what about the Spanish flu, you know, that killed huge numbers of people?

Well, what’s interesting about all Spanish flu situations, is that I found out that leading up to that time, towards the end of the First World War, the late 1800s, doctors were practicing with vaccines, using hugely toxic ingredients. And they were testing it on many people in the military and governments,


all over Europe and elsewhere. And right around the time of the Spanish flu outbreak, we’d gone through the whole First World War, people’s pH, I figure must have been completely shot. And then they started to turn on radio waves all over the globe. So, you know, normal healthy cells, our brain, and our nervous system would oscillate at around 10 hertz, which would be about the same as the resonant frequency of the Earth’s crust, about 10 Hertz. Well, then came radio waves and radar at the end of the First World War, and into the Second World War.

But right around that time is when we had our first dose of abnormal radio frequencies. And now we’ve got it to where we’re at millions of hertz, above normal. And so you can see why somebody could collapse quite easily. Because what these frequencies do is disrupt the cell’s ability to hold oxygen by separating the nitrogen and the hydrogen and the oxygen and everything comes unglued. And we suffocate wholesale globally, cells suffocate in the body, with this so-called COVID thing.

I don’t think that we’re spreading viruses, I think that we’ve got people very sick, because we’ve had Ph destroyed, and we’ve had our adrenal gland function destroyed by different levels of stress, chemical stress, physical stress, and mental stress. All of those texts the bejesus out of the adrenals. And, coupled with the low pH, and electromagnetic field that has been turned on, you know, we’ve got 3g, 4g 5g, now they’re talking about six G. 5g, not enough. But certainly, the advent of 5g around the globe in the different cities, and metropolitan areas, is being considered amongst the experts to be a major factor in the symptoms of this COVID experience.

Now I’ll just say that, I don’t think that anybody should be injecting themselves with anything that is connected to any of the so-called vaccines because they are some of the people that are in the know, let’s say, that are saying, It’s not good to inject your children with the stuff. But it’s okay. If somebody fits the category of let’s say susceptible, being a diabetic or obese or somebody with cardiovascular disease or somebody older than 65. Well, you could give the vaccine to those people.

I say that’s highly inaccurate information because there’s nothing in any of the five vaccines that have any benefit to the immune system. Now, the whole object of this so-called vaccine is to protect you from a so-called virus that doesn’t exist and how can it help anybody if they are only super toxins in the vaccine until they come up with a vaccine that has got nutrients that support cell metabolism and the life of cells, then personally, I’m not interested in any of that. And I don’t think that any of these vaccines are fit for any human. Regardless, it just doesn’t make any sense to me to put poison in the body,


when the body is already at its total capacity to manage toxins, we don’t want to be putting any more, what I would say is that we want to clear the bowel, you know, because the bowel, in the liver in the gallbladder, in so many people is all jammed up because of a lifestyle of, of eating the wrong facts. Now, I was one of those people I grew up with, my dad was in the food business. He supplied fancy foods and all the other foods to all the restaurants in and around Cape Town, the Navy, the Army, and the hotels and the hospitals.

Were all supplied by my father’s business growing up as a kid. And so we had all the best meats, we had T bone steaks, and ribs and venison and all kinds of meat dishes that you know, brisket and this, there was always meat on the table. Always, always always. I went to school with meat sandwiches, you know, bologna sandwiches and everything had meat. And so I made as you mentioned, Dr. Reza made kidney stones from a very young age from as young as I can remember.

And eventually, they surgeries my kidney in 1978, widening all the collecting tubules and the pelvis of the kidney to better manage the flow of the kidney stones. Because I was eating an acid-forming diet. Okay, a heavy meat-eating diet is an acid-forming diet. And that is a recipe for making kidney stones. Because the way it works is that if there is not enough alkaline buffering material in the diet, which is the plant materials offer the minerals that are the buffering agents, that’s the magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, strontium, beryllium, all of the minerals that are in well-grown food or missing in the heavy meat-eating diet as I grew up with, and that’s a kidney stone manufacturing diet.

And so it comes down to poor pH management, there was an acid-forming diet that I was on. And I didn’t take in enough alkaline material to offset that load. And the result of that was kidney stones. Okay. So I paid the price from an early age for not understanding that component. And certainly, the doctors that were looking after me in those days as nice as they were, that they thought I had appendicitis when I had these kidney stone episodes, but they could never ratify that it was appendicitis. So they thankfully didn’t take my appendix out. But ultimately, they did the surgery is the right kidney.

I would have preferred if the surgeon looked at my mineral metabolism before he cut the kidney rather than commenting on his post-surgery. Comments, which I still have the original letterhead with his description of the surgery. And then he describes that mineral metabolism needs further investigation. Well, yeah, it did need further investigation, I was eating a diet that was lacking the mineral so what happens in that state is that the body will go to the skeleton to draw minerals from the bone.

It’s pulled through the kidney into the bloodstream every time we rest when we sleep at night to do the job of buffering the blood. That is the body’s highest priority next to breathing that is keeping blood’s pH alkaline. The way it does that. Normally, it would draw alkaline material from the soft tissue which comes from our diet from a high enzyme plant-based diet that’s full of these metabolizable minerals. It would use that as a first draw source to buffer the blood while we sleep.

If that’s not available, The body will go to the skeleton, and it’ll use those minerals to buffer the blood, it’ll get the job done of buffering the blood. But now, it can’t put those minerals back into the bone. That is not the pathway of bone metabolism. So where does it put those minerals into the walls of blood vessels making for aortic stenosis, for example, it will put it into the joints making for arthritic tendency, and it will put it into the penis as peroneus disease, for example? So everywhere where the minerals


where the body can shove it off, it’ll put it out there, because it can’t go back into the bone. The way that minerals into the bone are from the diet in a form that is in an enzyme state of minerals. Okay. So if we dig our soil, if we put soil from the garden in a cup, and we stirred up and we drink it, yeah, we’ll get something. But it’s not going to be ideal. The minerals have to go through the plant cycle, for us to be able to metabolize those magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and all the rest of it. So. So that’s why it’s so important to manage the pH because if you don’t, then you end up with kidney stones like I did.

The other long-term consequence of not managing pH is osteoporosis, we lose our skeleton if we’re using it to buffer the blood instead of our diet. So that’s another incentive to juice like a crazy person. And to eat an enzyme-rich diet that naturally has all the correct facts. You know, one of the things with eating an animal-rich diet, or you know, a meat-based diet or a diet that contains meat.

Some people have less, some people have more. But the problem with it is that it has the wrong fats, and those fats are collected in our bloodstream. And those fats stick to the walls of the blood vessels. And those fats make the ability for oxygen to be transported through the blood and the nutrients to be transported through the blood makes it all very sludgy.

Whereas the fatty acids that are in the plant material are all in a form that dissolves the bad fat. So raw coconut oil, raw olive oil, raw sesame seed oil. All the raw nuts, all the raw seeds have all the correct fatty acids, a lot of the green leafy vegetables have the correct fatty acids. Chia seed has the correct fatty acids, soon as you cook it, it turns it into something that becomes a problem from the fat, a blood fat point of view. But interesting, Li NF, it takes some of the raw fatty acids to dissolve the thick fat that is in our blood. So we don’t only need vitamin C, and B vitamins to dissolve their fat in the blood. We need things like raw coconut oil and chia seed to get that job done and a boatload of avocados. Back to you, Dr. Rosen.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, no, that’s good. I mean, again, once again, lots lots of amazing points that you have there, Clive. And I would just sort of follow up on the slippery slope of just the whole COVID crisis, if you will, that’s going on in terms of it comes down to I like the idea of the name of this podcast called The Truth about your health. And one of the missions that I want to embrace and help people is the democratization of health care.

And ultimately, that means empowering people to not be misled and miss fed with information and then food labelings, but also being able to take control of their health, and have education and the conversation that we’re talking about in terms of mother nature, and the foods from the soils and the frequencies of those foods. We talked about the frequencies of hertz and resonant frequencies of the earth, and how that’s all being changed with the information of electronics and EMFs.

But what is certainly devoid is the fact that you look at the typical diet, even with people that make attempts to get healthy foods, the depletion of our soils as early as the 30s. Right. So yeah, we’re talking about weevils. The ability to have our cells produce energy at the cellular level, and all of the static that happens at the 30,000 view foot level, especially in our day and age and social media and mandates.

And I remember a mentor that we both know talk about, like, you know, with all these crazy things that are going on in the world, or just with corruption and, and agendas, you just got to follow almighty dollar to find out why and how and why and what were, but anyway, as a side note, you did start talking about the importance of, of, amongst other things about the pH and how it tells us about oxygenation of ourselves. And it’s the best surrogate marker that we have to be able to understand how your cells are breathing.

One of the interesting things that I think we could talk about now is the fact that we perhaps both learned, and I don’t want to speak for you that initially, 6.4 to 7.0 was the ideal range. And the best way to be able to support that would be by helping with hydrochloric acid to break down your food. So I know that’s a bit of a little rabbit hole to go down for us here.

But you know, the truth about your health and the mission of this, of this podcast for myself, personally and professionally, is to knock over sacred cows, especially with things that I’ve recommended, personally for me and professionally for my patients. And it is a very humbling experience to learn about maybe some new information that you didn’t know before that this disk has a disk credit, but tips over the typical recommendations you make. So why don’t we go down there, Clive in terms of 6.4 to 7.0 versus 7.4, to 8.0? And then ultimately, the old way and the new way of what do we do to fix that?


Clive Buirski: Okay, thank you, Dr. Rosen, we’re getting to the crux of the biscuit here. And seekers, 6.4 is 7.0. Although better than the mid-fives, which is where the majority of people are until they figure out what’s going on. And then even a plant-based diet might not quite be enough, because they’re not at home enough to eat enough plant-based foods, or they don’t have enough time to get the juice extractor going. And there are so many factors in different people’s lives that determine how much time they can put around in the kitchen. So I appreciate that component of this discussion because I think that everybody would just like stay home and juice all men, you know.

But from a practical point of view, not everybody can do that. Although it would be utterly fantastic. If everybody could do that, especially for a man, you’d have so much energy, people would be awake at two o’clock in the morning, with plenty of energy for the rest of the day, if they were juicing like that. But now, back to this issue of 6.4 to seven no 6.4 to seven o is still acid. Seven being neutral, is getting there. But it’s not going to give us enough muscle to overcome the huge stress on the cells that we have from an illness if you for lack of a better term. As we are facing right now we need more muscle than just neutral.

Because neutral is not going to afford the normal function of the immune system to manage infections, which are probably more bacterial than they are viral. I think these infections are more parasitic than they are anything else. And pH, getting it up into that 7.5 And above range is going to have the best chance of knocking down parasitic pathogens of all kinds, whether they’re microscopic, or bigger than microscopic. Maybe they’re little worms. Maybe they little flat liver flukes, they’re two or three-inch-long worms. Or maybe they are even a foot long and an inch thick.

Okay, that inhabits our digestive tracts. And so the way that we can most efficiently knock down these organisms is to put them to sleep with a high alkaline pH of above 7.5. Above 8.0 would be fantastic. That would be pulling the big guns if we can get the pH up to around eight. Now we’re talking about the ability to shut down parasites like nobody’s business, by putting them to sleep. Now while they’re sleeping, we come in there with aloe Farex. And we kill them while they sleeping.

And the beauty of Ella Farex not only does Ella Farex take out all these different kinds of pathogens, worms, liver flukes, all of the organisms that host in the small intestine and the large intestine, that give us feelings of discomfort and bloating and diarrhea, and constipation. And all these things are cleared when we fix the pH and clear the bowel with aloe Ferox.

And the aloe Ferox also gets rid of the sludge that accumulates in the bile duct of the liver, and the common bile duct that gets all the junk out into the small intestine via the gallbladder. Okay, so Aloe Ferox is an incredible way to neutralize these pathogens. Which by the way, if Iraq’s will take care of these pathogens, whether or not you’re fixing your pH, if Iraq’s is one incredible plant with an incredible amount of horsepower in the way that it knocks out the bad guys, I mean, it just quite stunning.


I can tell you stories about the way that it deals with infections that are just absolutely amazing. My own experience with it. Over the years just been nothing short of incredible, I have such incredible respect for this plant. And the major difference between Aloe Ferox and aloe operations. And aloe vera is that Aloe Ferox is much more bitter, it’s about 1000 times better than aloe vera, which means that it’s got that many more anthraquinones.

And it’s the anthraquinones that take care of these pathogens, okay. And it’s the anthraquinones that also facilitate the peristalsis of the bowel. And it facilitates the peristalsis of their whole bile, the common bile duct in getting rid of stuck bile and sludge and stones and everything in there. It’s a phenomenal way to get the clearing of both the liver gallbladder and the digestive tract. Now, once we get enough chlorophyll into our system, we can also start to clean the blood.

And so we not only want to start by clearing the digestive tract and liver gallbladder to set up the stage to more easily and efficiently clean and rebuild the blood, which we can do with the LFL rocks. But we want to accentuate that whole process with chlorophyll by juice extraction, chlorine Chloro chlorophyll in kale and parsley and cucumber, and celery, and iron in the beets, and there’s plenty of chlorophyll in the beets. And so we’ve got green chlorophyll and red chlorophyll and the chlorophyll in the carrot and the carotenoids and all the other flavonoids in lemon with the skin that’s also juiced, and celery, parsley, cilantro, I can email the recipe or we can put it up somewhere but basically, it’s the things that clean and rebuild the blood.

And if we do that often enough, and we, at the same time clean out the digestive tract and the liver and the gallbladder. We can get some phenomenal recovery from all our health systems. All systems all the organ gland systems come back to normal, including the ability for cells to make new cells that make healthy cells that function properly is going to depend on the ability to hold the pH, which gives us that negative polarity 25 to 50 millivolts. So whichever way you slice it, it always comes back to managing pH and managing the good fatty acids and not cooking the fatty acids.

Because a lot of people will say, Don’t worry about me because I’m vegan or vegetarian, and only cooking my olive oil or I only cook coconut oil, I don’t cook vegetable oil, and I don’t cook grapeseed oil or rapeseed oil or whatever it is. They think that they’re okay. If they cook the coconut oil, it’s not okay, if you cook the coconut oil. As soon as we get it above the temperature where you can hold your finger in it. It’s becoming some at the top of fatty acid, which is then going to be a problem for the blood and liver gallbladder. We want those roars.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, again, Clive, it’s, I write so many notes after you speak each time I have to pick just one of them, they kind of go forward on but great information on that.


Clive Buirski: So I think that I missed a point that that should be addressed. Dr. Rosen, I’m sorry to interrupt you. And that is the subject of HCl. And I know that so many people around the world use HCL as a supplement with the notion that they’re not making enough HCl. And the problem with that is that since the goal of cell metabolism and the diet needs to be alkaline-forming so that we can produce acid for function when cells make ATP, the result of that chemical process, which is facilitated by enzymes and minerals, that allows respiration needs it needs an alkaline starting point.

And so I forget the point, I was trying to make them go off on another tangent here. But hydrochloric acid, we’re talking about HCl. So so so since we’re trying to take in enough alkaline material, to get normal cell physiology, we’re not looking for anything fancy, we just want normal. But every time we take hydrochloric acid, we’re stopping the process of normal digestion because, for normal digestion, we have to have alkaline saliva.

So that library amylase can release Teilen that triggers the other digestive enzymes that release from the pancreas but only as a result of alkaline saliva. So so if the whole thing depends on an alkaline fluid coming down the hatch, why would we want to put acid in there, we don’t want to put acid in there, we want to put alkaline in our digestive tract. Now, if we’re eating meat, we might be making acid as a result, which I think has confused a lot of people over the decades that they think that hydrochloric acid is the secretion of the parietal cells of the stomach, when in fact, it is it’s the result of eating acid-forming food.

Now, the doctor that is probably the most authoritative figure on this subject is Dr. Robert Young. And he says that hydrochloric acid is literal poison to the cell. Those are his words. And I didn’t ask him the question. I didn’t say Hey, Dr. Yang, what do you think of hydrochloric acid? In one of his lectures, he simply states that hydrochloric acid is poisonous to cells.

So, you know, Dr. Robert Young is the gentleman that’s looked at more blood under different kinds of microscopes than anybody on the planet. And he explains that you only have two types of blood. You have healthy blood and sick blood and we can’t have healthy blood. If we’re taking acid-forming food and supplements that are making acid. It just doesn’t work that way. I’m not going to suggest that everybody suddenly become a vegetarian.

That’s not the object of the exercise. It’s for those people that are not vegan or not vegetarian at this point. One can just consider that you need to take a lot more digestive enzyme supplements, should you want to continue eating meat, or have a treat with it. If you still enjoy that, you could just beef up the number of digestive enzymes that you take with each of those meals. Any of the cooked meals could use digestive enzymes support to give your immune system the best leg up on the situation. So the more we cook the food, whether it’s a plant-based meal, or an animal-based meal, the more difficult it is going to be to digest that meal. So that means the more support we want to provide with digestive enzyme supplements, the more we cook that food.


Now the meals that I typically eat, from a cooked point of view, will be cooked rice, cooked potato, cooked beans, all the different legumes that will be cooked. But the rice is soaked, the beans are soaked for two days, rice to soak for one day, all the legumes are soaked for at least one or two days, then they’re much easier to digest that they take a shorter amount of time to cook at a lower temperature.

And the rest of the food is finely chopped vegetables with squeezed lemon and avocado and balsamic vinegar and all the different herbs, and cayenne and turmeric and all the great stuff. And I never feel like I’m missing out on a meal. I can’t wait for my beautiful wife to make me meals that consist of exactly what we’re talking about. And we sprout sprouts at home and or I should say Virginia sprouts.

And. And so I never feel shorted with this type of meal. I devour these meals, but I never feel bloated afterward. I never have trouble with digestion. I don’t I don’t have burping. I don’t have acid reflux. And I have a significant bowl of salad food. With each meal. I’m significant, you know, probably put it in a backpack and take it for a hike. I mean, it’s a serious amount of food. But I never had feelings of indigestion and I’m 65 now.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, no, that’s great. I think that again when your gut bugs and like you said mostly parasitic, I call it hijacking the decision making emotionally driven food foods. I guess we’re having. Yeah. And I think once we break that hijacking and retake over the steering wheel, if you will, and you have healthy, healthy flora. And again, it all comes like you said if you if it comes down to proper pH, realize what proper pH means.

It means that you’re oxygenating your cells which means you’re using your food that has nutrients and minerals to be able to deliver your oxygen to the cells instead of making inflammation and free radicals. And ultimately, if that isn’t getting isn’t that isn’t happening, then a lot of that iron that gets stuck in the tissues because it’s not delivering oxygen will feed microbes and gut bugs that will hijack the central mechanism that increases your demands and wants for foods that are pathogen feeding versus healthy for Flora feeding so you said a lot there Clive.

But what I do want to do is off the record and maybe even part to have the ability to help people now that they hear this. Well what do I do about it and we talked about obviously you want to be able to test this to know so to be able to have the ability to test your your your morning and your evening pH and you’re looking really at that 7.4 To 8.0, and like you’ve said even higher than a point zero, yes, depending on your constitution. A lot of people that listen to this or that, at least that I’ve worked with are, are just really severely impacted and don’t have the ability, it’s like a catch 22.

How do I have the ability to exercise or be active when I’m exhausted and burnt out. And ultimately, there are a lot of different starting points, but the starting point is to test your pH to be able to support those adrenals like we talked about with vitamin C and being able to get proper nerve nutrients with minerals. And then the other thing we talked about, which I’m excited to talk to you about to hear Clive is the importance of getting natural occurring, B vitamins from our foods and not from just the excipients and the toxic Tagalongs that do are included in the bottles to help flow through.


Clive Buirski: That’s right, and your typical B complex.


Dr. Joel Rosen: That’s right, that’s right and coal tar derivative stuff, but as ER is so so you’ve developed or used a really good natural source, so why don’t you tell us a little bit about that.


Clive Buirski: So for the B vitamins, I was excited to learn about rice bran containing pretty much a whole beat complex, and so many other nutrients and antioxidants, rice bran has got a list of the who’s who in antioxidants, which is quite stunning. It’s on page two of the information sheet that I sent you that that list of nutrients, Dr. Rosen but right in that list of B vitamins, or these special B vitamins that are partially B vitamins and partially fatty acids that help protect our brain cell membranes.

And I’m speaking about phosphate, tidal choline, phosphate tidal serine, and phosphate tidal ethanolamine. Those phosphopeptides are a sort of a mixed bag of B vitamins slash fatty acids that accomplish that. So that’s in the rice bran. And there are all kinds of different proteins in the rice bran. There is glutathione there is gamma Arouzsal based naturally occurring Coenzyme Q 10.

In the rice bran, there is even the most elaborate Alpha Lipoic Acid combination with Coenzyme Q 10 is naturally occurring in rice bread. It’s just an incredible food that you can give to babies that haven’t had the opportunity to breastfeed. So it’s super safe for a little newborn child or infant that isn’t breastfeeding. You know we can use the rice brand with colostrum and blue-green algae Klamath blue-green algae as a mix for an alternative to breast milk as close it’ll get us as close to real breast milk as possible for their child to develop a healthy fully functional brain and immune system.

Those three things but the rice bran are also used by athletes. I had one gentleman at the University of Texas there was a bodybuilder the guy was built like a track and the only thing that he would use as a supplement for his workouts was the rice brand. And he would go through a container every week. The typical amount for your average person is probably a couple of tablespoons a day or four tablespoons a day. And it tastes so good that most people will just eat it straight out of the container. And the kids love it. Dogs love it. Everybody loves it. But you can mix it with the emu vitamin C. So for vitamin C,

we use a camel, which is nature’s richest source of vitamin C and it has plenty of quercetin and other flavonoids in it and minerals and proteins that are immune strengthening. And it’s just a fantastic form of vitamin C. that also can be eaten straight out of the container all that a little bit tart. So typically that’s put in a smoothie with or without the rice bran and the ionic mineral drops are where we get our magnesium. There is some calcium, there’s iron is strontium, beryllium, there are all the 72 minerals in the ionic mineral drops, but it is mostly magnesium. So for the people that have attended seem to get arrhythmias for whatever, there are several reasons that they might run into that.

But the ionic mineral drops are quite the exquisite remedy to sort that problem out. Or people that have leg cramps while they sleep. Ionic mineral drops are quite fantastic. But remember, I had one of my adrenal glands removed back in 1985. So for me, the nutrients that make the adrenal glands function are of utmost importance. And it’s the form of the nutrients that count. So not so much the amount, it’s the form of the nutrients.

And we’re just super fortunate to have those critically important nutrients for the adrenals. That is the ionic minerals. And the vitamin C, the camo, camo, and the rice bran for the B vitamins. So the only thing that’s not there is a little extra sodium that we’d get from pink salts, like Himalayan pink salt, there is a little bit of sodium in the ionic mineral drops, but it’s not a high sodium solution.

So we do need extra sodium to have that normal adrenal function. We need this we need the sodium for normal heart health, for normal circulation of our blood through the 1000 miles of blood vessels in our body, or just some ridiculous distance that the blood is pushed through, it requires an electrical charge of those minerals. So the ionic mineral drops are highly Ionic, and they can hold that electric charge. So if you put the minerals to the ionic mineral test, you will see how it eliminates the light bulb, because it’s able to hold the electric charge. And that’s what makes the ionic mineral drop.

So supportive for the adrenals and the kidney because the kidney is another organ that is dependent on electrolytes, okay, it’s an electrolyte dependent functioning, that whole process of filtering, the 2000 liters of blood is an electrolyte dependent thing. And the ionic mineral drops give us that support, which is also why it supports the heart muscle and heart rhythm, and why it supports people

that are concerned about their nerve health. Okay, so the minerals are key for nerve health, as are the fatty acids, absolutely key for nerve health. And what is the other ingredient for nerve health, vitamin C? So it’s all come back to that same thing again, B vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for the myelin and the vitamin C, vitamin C minerals, fatty acids. And so it goes and, and for a nerve to function to have a muscle contract and relax, it’s going to need potassium and sodium.

So for those people that have been told that sodium is no good, and they must get rid of sodium from their diet, sodium is bad for the heart, sodium is bad for blood pressure. Sodium is bad for well, the wrong sodium can do that. So your white heated table salt can cause absolute havoc for the heart and the nervous system and the kidney and create swelling of the ankles and all kinds of problems blood pressure problems.

But if we don’t have the good salt, that’s the raw and heated salt like Himalayan pink salt, which has got all the 72 minerals in it, including sodium, and absolutely life essential mineral, then we can have normal nerve function and normal heart rhythm and normal contraction and relaxing of the blood vessels and the muscles. So we not only need to be able to contract the muscle and the nerve, which the body uses calcium for, and in the rest phase, it needs magnesium for that.

So all the bases are covered in the food state of these nutrients that we’ve put together for the product line and to make it easy for people to consume all of the stuff without them spending a fortune and it can taste good in the smoothies and they can make high antioxidant tea without robots extract to get the glutathione level up. And they can easily clear the bowel and the liver and the gallbladder with the LF Iraq’s products that we have. So it just makes the whole process of people getting well, a lot easier than it otherwise might have been.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, that’s great. And what I like is it does come down to as complicated as the information is it does come down to common sense. And that means getting good healthy vitamins and minerals from healthy soils. And given that we don’t have that coming up with alternative ways to be able to put those requirements still in place, being able to produce ATP and have your tissue oxygenation, or PHB, at an optimal range.

And I’m excited to start offering this product line, Clive. And as we grow, continue to layer on more of the products that you have, and provide the listener with different protocols to turn key. Okay, here’s how you do it. This is what you want to do. This is what we look for, this is the approach to it. So I thank you so much. At some point, I’d even like to get point two, because I have so many other notes that I couldn’t get to but we keep it around an hour.


Clive Buirski: So we want to talk again, because we need to discuss the dental component of all of this, right? And how to make that question more simple for the people to get their minds wrapped around. what would otherwise be quite a complicated situation?


Dr. Joel Rosen: Sure. And then just to build on the protocols for the aloe pharynx and the different kinds so I’ll get you scheduled off record for part two. As far as just in passing, I always like to ask my guests. Clive if you would have known then what you know now, what would you have told the younger Clive in terms of stress response and being able to avoid some of the pitfalls that you had? I’m sure there’s a lot of things but there’s one thing in particular standout.


Clive Buirski: Yes. The one thing in particular that stands out is that information is key. So and not to be frightened, not to be stricken with fear. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the amount of fear is so overwhelming, that one cannot think straight. And one just accepts whatever protocols are dished out. And the thing that I would, that I would try to avoid in my next go around on in this universe is not to have gone through the lymph nodal dissection because the tumor on the testicle wasn’t metastasized.

It was still encapsulated. So having that lymph nodal dissection, where they cut me from under the arm down to the pubic bone, and remove that right adrenal gland, I would not have done that. I would have said no, I’ll take my chances with just having the testicle removed, I think they flung it over the wall and there might have given it to Hillary Clinton, but I would not have had the lymph nodal dissection, and the adrenal gland removed, I would say, I would have taken my chances and see how it goes.

Without doing that. It would have been worthwhile not going through that whole process because it didn’t, it didn’t change anything other than cut me in half some paying the price for that. Now. So the surgery was when I was age 28. I’m 65. Now, but I definitely would not have done the lymph. nodal dissection.


Dr. Joel Rosen: No. Gotcha. Well, well, listen, I mean, you’re right information is key. You didn’t have the information then. And maybe if you did have the information, then you wouldn’t have done the other. It’s that butterfly effect of needing to find that deep and rich information as you do now, you know, so, and


Clive Buirski: I think, and I think that in this critical point of conversation, I think even in front of that, I would have, I would have wished for, oh, I don’t know how one can go back in time. But if somebody would have told me that eggs could have been a problem for creating that tumor, and to stop eating the eggs, It is possible that my body would have discarded the tumor by itself. Because the body is a self-managing cancer management system given the right opportunity.

Now, eggs were a prominent part of my diet at the time that I created this tumor on the testicle. And I just spoke to a practitioner a few days ago, Dr. Rosen, and we were talking about my testicular cancer experience and my ingestion of eggs in those days. And this doctor explained to me that her nephew, showed up with a tumor on the testicle and discovered that he was eating predominantly eggs, she told him to stop the eggs. He didn’t go to have surgery or anything, and in time the tumor disappeared and he has a normal testicle.

So I would say to people, maybe one of the biggest points about this conversation is to understand the danger of eating eggs. And it’s regardless of whether it’s an organic egg or a commercially created egg. Because all eggs have a particular type of arachidonic acid in them, they promote enzymes that trigger tumors.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Okay, so it’s the arachidonic acid we’re gonna have to do, we’re gonna have to do a part two guys will do. Yeah, cuz I was just wanting to get your insight on what you would have changed if you could have and now we’re doing a whole new conversation, but I’m gonna I don’t have the time right now to get to that. And I do and I do want to get into it in part two. So very good.

Yeah, so I appreciate your time and your insight and your knowledge and sharing with us what you’ve learned and will sort of keeping the listener on a cliffhanger in terms of the real reason why you should not be eating eggs tune in to part two. I also look forward to Clive and I talking about the importance of the dental component and yes, specifically putting together aloe pharynx dosing approaches, and ultimately, being able to help you understand the truth about your health so that you’re not dealing with fatigue and exhaustion. So, Clive until next time, I appreciate your time, and I look forward to connecting with you once again.


Clive Buirski: Thank you, Dr. Rosen. It’s fantastic to be with you and your listeners. Thank you!


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