Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 11: “Adrenal Fatigue and EMF Exposures”

Breaking News: The Dangers of EMF exposures and Adrenal Fatigue Ever think about the connection between adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, being depressed, overweight, and body pain, being related to this invisible modern toxin?

Find out in this video how Adrenal Fatigue can be impacted by these health zapping toxins and without (as my good friend Nick Pineault says) “living in the woods or wearing a tinfoil hat”.

In this video, learn:

  • Why the research about EMF exposure may not be exposing the real dangers associated with EMF’s
  • How the body can be impacted from; sleep, gut health, blood-brain barrier breakdown, increased free radical production, anti-oxidant depletion, (all the same things as the Adrenal Fatigue Sufferer deals with).
  • But most importantly learn about what can be done to minimize the damage, easily, cheaply, and effectively.

Finally, learn how to fix our “Stupid Use of Technology” with Nick’: Non – Tinfoil Guide to EMF’s. If you are sick and tired of suffering with your adrenal fatigue problem, or would like a second opinion.

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The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. Find Nick’s book here


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