Tooth Infection and Adrenal Fatigue: The Unknown Relationship

If you have suffered from exhaustion, burnout, the inability to handle stress, crashing in the middle of the day, and anxiety, have tried every supplement under the sun, maybe you are not aware of the connection between tooth infection and adrenal fatigue.

But if you think about, your immune system is always “stressed” when it comes in contact with “environmental” stressors. So why should it be any different with your mouth?

From the air you breathe to the foods you eat, to the water you drink, toxins, pathogens, chemicals, and other environmental hazards run amuck.

Complicating the matter, many patients that I consult with have had root canals and silver fillings. Totaled all together, your mouth can be, and is, a breeding ground for infections.

Because your immune system is your bodies natural defense system, it is guarding ever protecting your body from foreign invaders.

What ensues in your bodies stress response system. From the hypothalamus releases a hormone to the pituitary, and then the pituitary sending out a “stimulating” hormone to the adrenals glands. Done repeatedly over time, the feedback loops can break down, the quality and quantity of your stress hormones can be compromised.

On top of that, your microbiome becomes unhealthy, and your liver can become overworked, further complicating the manner.

So, what I suggest is the following:

  1. pH testing. Your bodies pH (urinary), should optimally be between 6.6-7.0. If it is lower than that, it is too acidic, and if it is higher then that, it is too alkaline. Both being problematic. However the more acidic you are, the more likely you have an ongoing infection, robbing you of your minerals, creating a very depleted state. If your pH is never above 6.0, I would highly suggest an ongoing mouth/tooth infection.
  2. Use Medi-dental pack. The medi-dental pack contains bentonite clay and zeolite minerals that have been used for centuries to promote cleansing and cleaning.
  3. Mix it with Aloe liquid not added in diluted in water which contains a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for synergistic healing.
  4. Add a drop (or two) of Neem oil  which has been shown to be a great anti-microbial disinfectant that can reclaim the integrity of your mouth/tooth,
  5. retest your pH: After doing several medi dental packs, (3-5 during acute infections), you should see your tooth infection and adrenal fatigue disappear.

Once your pH is properly established, and you extinguish the fire of an infection in your mouth, watch your adrenals come back to life.

To watch a video I had interviewing a dentist on the connection between infection in your mouth and adrenal fatigue, click here: 

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