NADH, Premier


Dietary Supplement
NADH Performance Formula
Advanced Brain and Memory Support

30 capsules/bottle


ADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential complex in the cellular respiration process. Thus, research shows NADH can significantly promote oxygen utilization. It also supports memory and alertness as well as providing effective support for optimal athletic performance. This formula provides a generous 10 mg of NADH per capsule.


Dr. Rosen’s NADH Challenge: 

 Assessment of Mitochondria Function
 Start with taking 25-30mg of NADH, preferably letting dissolve under the tongue.
 (Premier Research Labs Premier NADH)
 2 hours away from food
 Do not take after dinner & prior to bed, ideally to test upon rising
in the AM prior to meals or before exercise.
 Note energy changes (if any) after 10-15 minutes
 Report back to your doctor with results of this mitochondria NADH challenge.

Healthy Energetic Response
 Notice a change in energy, can be mild. This indicates that your mitochondria are functioning due to increased ATP levels
 Can consider taking NADH as needed for energy support

Negative Energetic Response
 No change in energy can indicate that your mitochondria are burdened.
This can be due to
 high NADH levels, possibly due to hypoxia
 Low CoQ10 levels, verify via nutrient or Organic Acids testing
 Poor antioxidant levels
 Fast Phase 1 & Slow Phase 2 Liver Detox Pathways
 You ate recently, retest 2-3 hours away from food.
 Repeat test by doubling dose to 50-60mg of NADH




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