Natural Diabetes Control

A very interesting study that looked at the best way for natural diabetes control that was published by the New England Journal of Medicine.  It was called ” The Diabetes Prevention Protocol”. It was a study that was published in 2002. The goal was to determine what would be the best intervention for diabetes control.

It compared 3 groups, that were as follows:

1) Placebo (did nothing)
2) Metformin group
3) Lifestyle intervention.

The final results were tallied, after 4 years of studying the participants. The placebo group had over 35% of them developing diabetes. As well, the average fasting glucose prior to starting the study, when from 106mg/dl to 115mg/dl.

The second group was the metformin group. They lowered the cumulative incidence of Type 2 diabetes by 31% compared to the placebo. Which is great news.

However, the even better news was from the lifestyle management group. Lifestyle Intervention nearly doubled this (vs Metformin group) reducing cumulative incidence of type 2 diabetes in that group by a full 58%.

Lifestyle management group maintained this advantage of reduced diabetes incidence even 10 years after beginning the trial. more than 6 years after intervention stopped. Proving that it was the best way for natural diabetes control.

34 most common gene variants grouped all of the DPP participants into 4 groups based on their Genetic Risk Score for Diabetes (GRS).

There was a statistical increase in diabetes incidence related to a higher GRS.

The group with the greatest risk score, with the risk for the placebo group, was the highest, metformin therapy had virtually NO IMPACT at all.

Highest GSR score was given lifestyle intervention, the diabetes incidence rate was just as low as in all the other genetic risk group.

Modest lifestyle changes seem to attenuate the increased risk due to genetic predisposition. As well, Lifestyle intervention was Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 9: “Adrenal Fatigue and Metabolic Flexibility With Alessandro Ferretti” and helping to prevent a metabolic drift towards diabetes.


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