Latest Adrenal Hacks, with Chuck Hazzard: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 35

In this latest episode of Your Adrenal Fix Podcast, I interview Chuck Hazzard for a second time, (Check out the first interview with Chuck for Your Adrenal Fix Podcast here). In this episode, we talk about the latest Adrenal Hacks, which will ultimately help you with your broken stress response.

The 3 Adrenal Hacks Biomarkers


We first begin by explaining the 3 buckets of Adrenal hacks that the OURA RING has created to help you understand key biomarkers that will ultimately increase your performance.

Chuck explains the 3 buckets.

  1. Sleep:  As Chuck likes to say: ” Your day begins when you go to sleep, not when you wake up”. I think that is great advice for anybody who has difficulty with their sleep. When suffering from an adrenal based, HPA axis dysfunction, a hallmark problem is a disruption of your circadian rhythm. Which is kind of a chicken or the egg phenomena? Meaning, which came first. However, as Chuck explained, the body knows what to do, when given the right information. That is, lifestyle choices that interfere with its ability to regulate itself normally, like eating late, bluescreen exposure, alcohol, or inconsistencies with the timing of your onset of sleep,  will impact your sleep quality. And hence your other biomarkers. When you dial in on these factors, your Sleep gets score will get more efficient. The 3 major Adrenal Hacks that Chuck highlights are consistency, the time in bed, and fragmentation. Focus on these vs. the actual micromanaging of your total REM sleep/Deep sleep, etc, and the body will sort itself out. Other key points that Chuck mentioned were:
    • Peak Point, 12-3 Consistency,
    • HR, when is the lowest heart rate, is its second half, like a ski slope, revved up. 
    • The bed is for sleep only, not go to bed until you are committed, If you wake up get out of bed, go to the chair, then sleepy, go back to bed, 
    • Time in bed, efficiency as high as possible, 
    • Don’t focus on REM VS Non-Rem. Rather, total sleep time 7-9 hour of actual time, consistency, Oura tells you that, based on ID your chronotype, how fragmented, did I have a lot of activity, environmental, light,
  2. Readiness/Recovery: This is a key Adrenal Hack because quite simply when suffering from a burnt-out, exhausted based problem, your readiness and recovery are very low. The basis of this marker answers the question,” have you recovered from the night before, am I prepared for the day ahead of me”. As Chuck explained the readiness bucket is a marker of sleep and activity. What it means, when the algorithms of the oura measure all your data points, like nocturnal HRV, resting heart rate, how long it takes to get to its lowest point, your body temperature, etc, when they vary too much, then your readiness/recovery scores are going to be lower. That you shouldn’t be working out, or if you have a big workday ahead, you should gear down a bit.  The great thing about this Adrenal Hack bucket is what Chuck says “Readiness helps me decide if I will work out, how long, given work demands” 
  3. Activity: The last Adrenal Hack that we discussed was your activity levels. Chuck explains OURA Activity metric is based on a holistic view, exercise too much or to little, goal is 150min/week, calorie goal which is a lot easier to understand.

New BioHack Tools To Come:


When I asked Chuck what were some of the Adrenal Hack tools that we will see coming down the pike with the Oura ring. Chuck indicated that things like the optimal time to work out, based on metabolic type will be coming. Or, when you should work out and how intense. As well, Chuck mentioned that Oura is building in more insights, in trends view, show you baseline, teams, 7 days of data, and compare that to 90 days.

The last insights Chuck gave me was:

  • Really paying attention to your Recovery index. That is when was your lowest hr, if it doesn’t get lower, you were naughty, you do not want a ski slope.
  • Hire a coach, to get a handle on their training intensity,
  • Breathing exercises, go a long way, such as oxygen advantage, wim hof control methods
  • If you can get your cells to breathe better, the Glymphattic brain system.

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