Explained How Your Body Really Detoxes & This Powerhouse Nutrient


Dr. Joel Rosen: Alright, hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of your adrenal fix where we teach exhausted and burnt-out adults the truth about their house so that they can get their health back quickly. And I’m joined here by a special guest, Jeff Hoyt, he specializes in developing innovative wellness solutions to meet the needs in the health and wellness industry.

His goal is to help people live a healthier, happier, longer life and make available effective and efficient solutions for healthcare, recovery, and improvement. Jeff believes in challenging the status quo and doing things differently to get results that have never been seen before. He has developed several innovative brands that are all revolutionizing wellness with a focus on zeolites and the effectiveness that detoxification strategies. And that’s what we’re going to be talking to you guys today about. So, Jeff, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you spending time with us today.


Jeff Hoyt: Absolutely. Thanks for having me.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, so I have done a lot of research before we got on the call. So I would ask you intelligent questions. And then right towards the end of it, I opened up a whole treasure chest of rabbit holes of the studies that you’ve been doing.

And I’d want to get into that. But Jeff, I always like to hear your house story. Before we got started, you said that you had some challenges, maybe tell our listeners why you got into the area or a little bit of history of your health challenges so that they can identify with where you’ve come from.


Jeff Hoyt: Sure, yeah. It was just my journey that brought me into this otherwise, I’d probably be selling insurance or doing something in the financial realm. But I’m glad I’m not. So just growing up had several issues. I was on antibiotics, just from basically from birth. And a lot of just a lot of issues there. I had a relatively healthy childhood after you know, each five or six, but then had some events in high school had a vaccine injury during high school, and then basically just had a lot of autoimmune issues going forward, forward started, I went down the conventional medicine route for a little while.

And that just did not work. I saw a lot of people, you know, it’s the normal stuff, you get sent to the shrink and say it’s all in your head. And you know, your listeners probably might sound familiar, but then I found functional medicine. So one of my co-workers said, Hey, you should check out this guy. He does functional medicine. He’s like, Alright, let’s do it. And the functional medicine doctor did things a little differently. And I appreciated that he put me on a food sensitivity test.

And that helped me a lot. I ended up going and working for the food sensitivity laboratory for a couple of years because it helps so much. That’s how I kind of learned more about functional medicine. Because I was working with functional medicine Docs and I did some functional medicine training myself. Then I got into the supplement industry, basically from personal health, a family health experience, actually, my grandma was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. And she was given between six hours and seven days to live. And she was in her 80s.

So she said, you know, she’s ready. But then she decided she was going to fight it. And basically, long story short, you found this guy kind of in the middle of nowhere in the country, taught me a few things that are, you know, even for natural or functional, holistic medicine. They were out there, but she lived over two years longer. And she’s the only person in recorded history to live over two years with that specific answer in that stage. So, it was a great story. She felt like she Fulfilled God’s purpose for her life.

And that two years, and it was honestly awesome. But anyway, from there, I launched one of my first supplement companies like life Sciences, just doing immune regulatory supplements, ended up opening a clinic, the recharge clinic, kind of a biohacking facility with oxygen therapy, red light therapy, saunas, all that fun stuff, just trying to find what works because there’s so much good stuff out there. And still for myself, trying to find what works as well. And then I stumbled across zeolite, about five years ago.

And it just was a complete game changer. So out of all the technology I was utilizing, out of all the supplements, I was using just high-quality stuff, nothing for my clients worked as well as zeolite when used properly. So I said, Alright, there’s something to it. And then I just started getting in there figuring out why just developing theories.

And that’s where I’m at now. So then I’ve recently launched my second supplement company, which is zeolite labs. And that’s the product there is zero charge. So it’s a next-generation version of zeolite. That really is unique. And it’s different than any other zeolite product on the market. And we’re very excited about it. And it’s it’s we’ve conducted a number of case studies as well, to prove that it works.


Dr. Joel Rosen: That’s a great story. Thank you for sharing. I always like to hear those stories and the entrepreneurial mindset and the inquisitive mindset and opening one door opens another door and here you are, and you kind of have that eureka moment with zeal like so that’s why we’re on the show and I want to educate our listeners as to what it is what its benefits are.

What are the ins and outs What are let’s leapfrog ahead of having to do the research on our own and tap into Jeff’s brain and figure out what he’s learned from all of So what would you say? What is your life? What did you get so passionate about it?


Jeff Hoyt: So and I’m not a person, that’s just like the only thing you’ve ever needed to take zeolite. And that’s the cure forever. You know, I understand there’s a lot of good stuff. And there are personalized approaches. The way I look at zeolite is it’s a foundation for almost every protocol, because detox is foundation airy, just because if you’re living in the 21st century, you have to detox right, we’re not going to be healthy by accident any more, we have to take action to reclaim our health.

And for me, detox is at the forefront of that. zeolites are a classification of mineral, there’s a number of types of zeolites naturally occurring in the earth. There’s one type, and there are two, but the main type that’s used for supplements is called clinoptilolite, zeolite.

And there are a number of reasons they use that. But basically, it’s been used for many years for medicinal purposes, kind of like the clay’s have just topically and even internally, but in the last 15 years, the technology, the manufacturing technology has basically increased to the point where zeolites are now way more therapeutic than they used to be. So now we can basically take zeolite, which is this mineral, so it looks like a large rock, and we can micronize it to whatever particle size we want.

And that’s really the key because there are commercial zeolites as well that are used for water filtration and commercial purposes. But the manufacturing process and those are very limited, you can’t get the particle size very low, and it kind of crushes the zeolite cage. And with this new process, we can basically do whatever we want with it.

And that’s what makes it so effective. But zeolites are unique in nature that they have a negative ionic charge. So they’re naturally attracted to positively charged elements. And it just so happens that a lot of the positively charged elements are there things that you don’t want in your body, such as heavy metals, mycotoxins, radioactive materials, ammonia, excess histamine, and these types of things. And what really sets zeolite apart from a lot of the other key leaders are binders is that it’s a smart or selective binder.

So it’s not just going in and grabbing everything that’s positively charged, because you have essential minerals that are positively charged as well. But with zero light, it naturally has essential minerals occurring. So it has calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and what it does is it goes in and trades, the minerals that already has for elements that are heavier. That’s why it’s so effective for heavy metals. So it’ll trade that say, the magnesium for mercury, because it’s heavier, and it leaves all your other essential minerals alone. And we can prove that through our key studies as well, that not only does it not remove essential minerals from your body, or vitamins, but it actually improves the status of those while detoxing every heavy metal we tested it for.


Dr. Joel Rosen: No very cool lots of stuff. To summarize, I would definitely repeat the sentiment of we live in a toxic world. And it’s got to be part of your verb-like strategies or tools in your toolkit that you need to make sure that you’re detoxing every single day in some way, shape, or form.

And depending on what else is going on, you have Sprint and jogs and walks and crawls and Sprint I think that’s the nature of where we’re headed towards implementing these different strategies. Going through your website and noticing the case studies that you did, I think you were pleasantly surprised to see with the way that you’re testing the changes that not only did these heavy metals statuses change, but so did these mineral levels change as well? And so, as far as why is it that not all? Cleaned up to the light? Is that how we pronounce it properly?


Jeff Hoyt: A clinic clean up till a light clean up to like five times fast?


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, right. Why is it that not all zeolites are created equal? I know that you have third-party testing and making sure that what’s in there is in there and it’s not contaminated. Maybe give us some of the dangers to stay away from and why not all of these are created equal?


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah, absolutely. So that’s a great point. A lot of people think, Oh, this is good information, I’m just gonna go buy the first light supplement out there. Not a great idea. So in general, there’s there are many types of natural and synthetic zeolites. So the first key is don’t try synthetic zeolite.

And some of the supplements, including specifically a couple of the liquid supplements are synthetic. So that could be an issue just there’s a number of issues there. Natural zeolites even some of the natural zeolites can be toxic. So some people go online and find some information about inhalation of certain zeolites that could potentially cause lung cancer those things, which is true, but that’s because they’re just different shapes. So Instructure.

So clinoptilolite zeolite was chosen for human consumption for two reasons. One, it’s a softer edge, so it’s not a sharp edge that is gonna go in and really just tear things up like some of the things even like diatomaceous earth is a little sharper edge. zeolites not going to do that. The main thing though, is the high silica and content. So a lot of zeolites, if you consumed them would leach because their zeolites are aluminosilicates, meaning they’re made of silicone and aluminum primarily.

And in most co-lights, when you put that in your body when exposed to stomach acid, that’s going to break apart, now you’re going to have aluminum, you’re gonna have silicone is fine, but you don’t want the aluminum. And if that absorbs you, you could potentially cause aluminum toxicity. So clinoptilolite has an exceptionally high silicon content.

And so the silicone-to-aluminum ratio, basically, determines the stability of the structure of the zeolite. So that’s why you never want to take any zeolite besides clinoptilolite To start with, and then you don’t want to take synthetic zeolites, because the research indicates that synthetic zeolites also can leach aluminum. But there’s no research indicating that natural clinoptilolite zeolite will leach any aluminum in your body at all.

The higher the silicone content, the better. Our product zero charge has 74.8% silicone, which is the highest I’ve ever seen. So it’s even more stable than the other products, which are also stable. Now beyond that, most companies just tell you, yes, it’s safe, but we can prove it as well. So we have done both an aluminum toxicity trial, where actually I personally consumed an entire jar a day. So it’s 150 grams.

And for comparison, a lot of these products, the powders that recommend one or two grams a day, and a lot of the liquids there recommend like between two and 20 milligrams per day. So this is 150 grams or 150,000 milligrams. So if anything was going to cause aluminum toxicity, it would be this dose, I consumed an entire jar for 10 days in a row and was tested and we had a 0% increase in aluminum at no increase. In addition to that we had in our case studies, you can check out our page zeolite actually reduces the aluminum content and for most people there’s an aluminum detoxing effect. So we can absolutely say without a shadow of a doubt, our product at least is not causing any sort of aluminum issues. And it has an aluminum detoxing effect.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Awesome, awesome information. So that kind of gets us into well, there’s a couple more questions on the follow-up. So this is whether or not they buy your product is just buyer beware, don’t go out and get a cheap version of this, whether it’s synthetic, or even if it’s a bit clean up till late clinoptilolite. Because not all of those are created equal as well. So maybe before we go forward and anything else, what would be the difference between okay, it’s not synthetic, but it is the clinoptilolite What are what am I looking for between those two things?


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah. So I mean, you could probably pick up some clinoptilolite zeolite at a local gardening store, potentially, definitely online because there are commercial mines, that will sell it for so many different purposes. One, they’re definitely not going to be cleaning the zeolite. So it’s going to be contaminated. A lot of times with mycotoxins with diesel with metal, all sorts of stuff, because they’re not concerned with it. It’s not designed for human health.

And two, they’re not spending the money on the advanced manufacturing processes. So they’re using the milling, which is very cheap, it’s a crushing motion. So it crushes the zeolite cage. zeolite basically looks like a honeycomb lattice structure. And it’ll trap things in its cage. So if you use this milling process that will crush the cage, and it could destroy the purpose of the zeolite micronization is slicing, it slices it so it keeps the cage intact, much more expensive. So basically, my location is very important.

The cleaning process is very, very important in the manufacturing process. So for example, zero charges come from a mind that is specifically used for human consumption. So there’s no commercial, it’s not mine for commercial uses. I mean, getting off track, but there’s a company in Nevada that a lot of the companies use the zeolite from, I ordered that zeolite personally for ice removal for ice melt from my driveway of a long driveway. Now I’m not going to put it in my mouth or my body, but it’s a very cheap source.

So it’s great for ice melt is great for anti-odor, that kind of stuff. But if what’s going in my body, it’s got to be from a special mine proprietary cleaning process, a manufacturing process, and it has to be remineralized. Because if a company goes and cleans the zeolite and washes out all the minerals along with the other toxic elements, then it could go and remove some of your central minerals that are not as well because it needs those minerals to swap.

So after we clean it, we re-mineralize it with Ionic trace minerals. So those are present for the exchange. And we have that in the third-party testing that can be seen on our site as well. When it’s clean, too. It has minerals for exchange. You can also see the high silicone-to-aluminum ratio. So we’ve got all that data. Very few companies will actually give you third-party testing for zeolite. And the third-party testing they do give you if you really look closely, sometimes it’s not pretty.


Dr. Joel Rosen: So third step so third party Yeah. So when you say We mineralize it, is that given to you in that way? Are you re-minaret remineralizing? Is it not easy to say either? Are you doing that yourself or you’re getting that already finished?


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah, I’m not I’m not personally doing it myself. I mean I manufacturing process. So actually work with others, an individual who first released the light onto the market in the US over 15 years ago. And there was another individual in Europe within a two-month period. So they were both kind of the, like grandfathers of zeolite. But I work with the individual from the US. So I use his proprietary manufacturing processes his proprietary mine, because I’m never going to be able to figure out how to do things, as well as you know, like, Reverend Father of it.

So I figure I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, I’m going to work with him. But I’m working with him. And now we have a special form of zeolite that no one else sells, so he doesn’t sell it, no one else sells it. Basically, the key with ours is we’ve perfected the particle size arrangement.

So we’ve got the purity, we’ve got the special mine, the cleaning, all that was zero charges is really different than any other product because we’ve got a very unique particle size arrangement that basically combines the benefits of liquid zeolite products with powdered zeolite products. So on the traditional side, you had these powdered zeolite products, which were great for gut binders, there are larger particle sizes, they would stay in the gut and act as a binder, kind of like charcoal or bentonite clay or something else.

That’s great. Then they came out with these liquid zeolite products, which most of some of them were just the powder mixed with water, and just kind of marketing, you know, stuff going on. But the higher end the higher quality ones, they basically took the zeolite and made it into a very small particle size for a full body system and detox. So at that point, it could leave the gut and offer a full body detox. So what we did, and there are benefits to both right, so what we did is we took both of those concepts and put them into one product and a powder. So now you’re getting a whole range of particle sizes.

So you’re getting some particle sizes that stay in the gut, some that go through the whole body for a full-body detox, and everything in between. Because we’re not just going after metals, there are a lot of toxic elements, and they have various particle sizes. So we want a full range to ensure that we have the most comprehensive detox. And we can prove this because some companies will say oh, the powders, liquid companies will say that powders can offer a full body detox, which may be true in some cases.

But once again, through our case study program, we can prove this, you charge detoxes on a full body level, because the test we’re using is a tissue test measuring metals in the palm of your hand. And the metals are lower. So it’s coming out of your hand, it’s coming out of the full body, it’s definitely leaving the gut.


Dr. Joel Rosen: No, that’s awesome information. So thank you for doing all the work and sharing that with us and distilling that down. So I do want to get into that analysis in a moment. I will say which is a good sort of dovetail into the dosing paradox that you have, in that I had tried a brand through a popular detox guy, and it was all liquid brand. And I still have my amalgams don’t ask me why, but I still have them.

And I was detoxing hard, I was erect to be around I was very emotional, it was really, really uncanny. Maybe explain that in terms of let’s say you do have a liquid small particle arrangement, ability to detoxify clean up color to light. And you’re not taking very much why it would be more toxic to the person that’s getting a higher dose, what’s going on there?


Jeff Hoyt: Yep. So and that is, this was kind of a game changer when we discovered that Zeolite is very dose-dependent. And it’s the opposite of what most people would expect. So the general approach, which is a good thing, right for most, in most cases is to start low, and work your way up right, low and slow, titrate up. But with zeolite, what we found is the opposite is true, the higher the dose you take, the gentler it is on your body. So that’s where a lot of people run into issues with the liquid products.

Because even though a lot of them are very high quality, you need both, you need the two Q’s quality and quantity. So you can get good quality with the liquid, but you might not be able to get the quantity necessary for optimal results. So basically what happens is you take a little bit of zeolite it can go in and it stirs things up. Right? So detox stirs things up to your light stirs things up. It can make a mess.

And that mess can result and the redistribution of toxic elements and other things that result in your symptoms, inflammation, and symptoms. And a lot of people think that’s a good thing. You know, it’s a detox effect. It means the detox is working. But really the ideal situation when you detox is you feel nothing. Because if you’re experiencing those detox symptoms, it means your body is being put under a situation of stress.

And naturally, your body is going to start closing off detox pathways, and your detox is actually going to be very limited. So the way I see it with the theory is you need a high enough dose of zeolite to have enough seal-like cages available to grab everything that’s floating around in circulation and have extra zeolite available to grab onto anything that is dumped into circulation from the detox process being stirred up, basically. So a few. I mean, there’s a lot that goes into it.

And it kind of depends on what you have going on. But for example, you take zeolite, you could be disrupting biofilms where you’re breaking open, you know, you’re releasing microparasites, bacteria, yeast, and then they’re being exposed to the immune system, then they’re releasing their toxins, and etc, the immune system just goes crazy. So the more zeolite you have, the more you have to mop up everything that’s going on. And I’m not doing a terrible job of explaining.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Oh, no, it makes complete sense. I mean, I think what happens is a lot of practitioners want to be safe, right? Where they want to make sure that you’re not creating too much of a strain on the body or kicking up that ocean floor, too much to where or steering up the Hornet’s Nest, where now all of a sudden, you’re left with this major challenge, and it is a paradox in the sense that, and I tell people that a lot with a lot of the things we do in other ways that you didn’t have enough firepower, you know, the psi behind the water pressure wasn’t enough to put the fire out. So it makes a lot of sense in that way, Jeff, as far as with that being said, what is the typical dosing strategy? Just curious about the amounts that you have.


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah. And I will say on the website, you can click the link on this video below and go to the website, and then hit the Education tab. And then there’s a link to the higher dose theory. And that’s a 14 page document that goes deep into all the reasons why the higher dose is gentler and more effective on the body.

And it discusses, you know, histamine release and biofilm disruption, redistribution, and some pretty interesting stuff. So if you’re, you know, nerdy like that, and you want to learn about it, go for it. So in terms of dosing, it really depends on the person, their personal level of toxicity, and just their general body burden. But the higher the dose, the better generally. So just a couple of examples.

So people don’t think I’m just it’s not just a theory, we’ve proven this with many, many, many people over the years with multiple zeolite products with our previous COA product. And this is, well, it’s not going to work with every zeolite product. I do want to say that quickly. Because if you try this with a liquid, it probably will backfire. Because it’ll stir more stuff up. But it won’t get to the point where you cross the threshold of having enough extra zeal.

Dr. Joel Rosen: Your pens, I mean, the variable would be the potency, right? How much milk Exactly, right?


Jeff Hoyt: Yep. So let’s say, you know, five milligrams stir things up a little bit. 10 milligrams stirs things up even more, the higher dose, there’s probably not going to help you, you know, it’s probably going to make you worse. So you have to get there’s a threshold.

And we don’t know exactly what that is. For us, we do 10,000 milligrams at a time as the starting dose. So that’s 10 grams, two tablespoons of our powder. That’s a really good starting dose for people. And then if they experience a headache, that’s the most common side effect of detox reactions, then we say just double the dose. So the next day, take 20 grams, 20,000 milligrams.

And then the next day, just do another two to six. Generally, that does it. Most people are okay, I’m used to working with very sensitive individuals, people on the chronic mold spectrum. You know, Lyme mold, magnetic field sensitivity. Those are the people who really need to be careful about dosing, and they need higher doses. Those are also the people that usually don’t believe me because they want to start with the lower doses. But those are the people that really need the high ones.

And there’s, there are so many people that have tried either a liquid zeolite product, or even this product in a powder powdered form at a low dose, and they’ve gotten terrible reactions immediately. But then when they’ve raised the dose, they’ve had not no reactions.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Right? It’s happened over and over orders of magnitude. I mean, you’re talking about five milligrams versus 10,000.


Jeff Hoyt: Yep. And just Just for reference, we’ve got a couple of cases right now, where there’s, we’ve got two adult autism cases that have been taking into 90 grams a day. So 90 grams, that’s, that’s a lot. That’s for 14 tablespoons. Yeah. four teaspoons.


Dr. Joel Rosen: How many? What’s the serving size to get like to table two teaspoons or two tablespoon tablespoons?


Jeff Hoyt: tablespoons is your charge. So yeah, so 1001 tablespoon? Yeah, one tablespoon. And that’s approximately it’s gone by weight. But yeah, about one tablespoon is about five grams or 5000 milligrams. And then for healthy, we kind of call that the maintenance dose, right, that’s a great maintenance dose 30 servings per container at that dose. So this will last you a month at that.

If you want to start with the accelerated detox dose of two, you’re gonna need two jars. So pick up two jars for the first month. Now, in some cases, you need even more than that. And there’s really no way to know exactly how much you’re going to need until you try it. But it’s always better to start with the higher dose than the lower dose. So We do have what’s called the ultimate zeolite experience, which is a 20-pack of zero charges. And the protocol is one month, it’s a five-month protocol month one, and you take six tablespoons per day.

So you go through six jars a month, one, month, two, five jars, then four, then three, then two. So the key is you start with the high dose, and as you reduce your toxic burden, you don’t need as much. So the healthier you get, the less you need. And then after the five-month period, you can go to a maintenance dose of one tablespoon per day. So that seems to work really well for people.

Some people might not need that high of a dose if you’re not sure. It’s always better to err on the side of a higher dose, though, because there’s another thing we learned from the case studies is, people were taking various detox protocols, including zeolites for multiple years, and they were not really detoxing. So if your body detox is completely controlled by your body, that’s really the key no key later zeolite or other supplement is going to be able to go and force the body to do something it doesn’t want to do when we’re talking about the deeply stored metals that are because metals are specifically difficult to detox, because they’re similar in structure to minerals. So if you have mineral deficiencies or just other issues, your body doesn’t want to let go.

So when you think about you from your body’s perspective, if you’ve got a lot going on immune issues, just Oh, excess oxidative stress, aging, whatever, your body does not want to prioritize detox, because it’s an easy thing to put on the back burner. So let’s say Mercury comes into your body, you’re exposed to mercury or some other toxic element, and you have all this other stuff to deal with, your body’s gonna say I have to deal with this other stuff, mercury, I can just jam into a fat that can just jam into, you know, an organ or a fat cell and keep it there. Because the body is more concerned with short-term survival than a long-term rival.

So the body actually will prefer to keep mercury and other metals in your brain and organs, because it’s hiding them from your immune system. And when your immune system attacks these things that causes inflammation, and a number of symptoms. So long term, of course, it’s not great, because they’re deteriorating the organs. But short term, it’s actually protecting you.

So that’s why when you your body’s resistant to detox because in order to get your body to push out these heavy metals, from organs and deeply stored to fat tissue, you’re going to have to basically, it’s going to require a lot of cellular energy and confidence that your body can get them out without having an absolute disaster occur. So if you experience a ton of symptoms during a detox protocol, you’re probably removing some general tissue metals and stirring things up, which is not a bad thing.

But your body’s probably not going to be releasing the deeply stored metals. Because the red, you know, it’s it has, it’s on alert now. Because of the stress, really the only way to detox effectively long term is for it to be a gentle detox, where you’re either experiencing nothing or feeling better. And I have the kind of if it probably makes more sense if I explain my three levels of detox theory.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Get we’re gonna segue into that for sure. I just wanted to make some comments on that. And I like to do that. Because my analogy is always that in terms, I initially started as the adrenal fatigue recovery ninja, and the name of this podcast is called your adrenal fix. But the more rabbit holes that you go down, Jeff, the more you realize it’s a, it’s a supply and demand problem. It’s an energy production problem. And when you’re not producing enough cellular energy, then your body has to prioritize and go into cell danger.

And one of the main things it’s going to do is sequester these metals. So that it doesn’t, you don’t start, you don’t buy a new addition to your home, when you just got a, you know, laid off, basically, right, because you’re how you’re going to fund that whole project. Right. So that’s kind of an analogy I would use on that. There was another question that I had about what you were going to say, but I don’t remember at this point.

So what I liked though, is you have a way of testing as you said, we have our case studies, and you have something that you’ve turned in the MN m n m test, which is an oligos scan, which measures your tissue levels of these minerals and vitamins. So maybe you start with that and then dovetail into your theory on levels one, two, and three, and how detox works.


Jeff Hoyt: Sure, absolutely. So and what I do like to say is the key to detox is to get healthy, right? Easier said than done, because a lot of times to get healthy, you need to detox, but in a perfectly healthy person. There they have enough energy to put towards detox that they won’t need as many supplements when they’re struggling a little bit and their body’s using up its energy for other things. That’s when you need additional detox support to help out.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Just as an aside to just so the nerdiness of us can talk together and nerd talk. One of the major ways that I look at that is I mean, you say energy, we think of units of energy or coenzymes like ATP, but one of the main nutrients or coenzymes that I have been studying very hard with the stress response and oxidative environmental toxins is NAD or NADPH. And that is a coenzyme.

And when you look at all the things that NAD and NADPH do, it’s very important for recycling our detox chemicals to be able to pull things out of the body. But if your body is constantly in fight or flight or expenses exceed demands, then you don’t have a surplus of that coenzyme to be able to allow your body to detox in the first place. So when you start paying the bills, getting healthy, and avoiding all these overhead and expenses to preserve your NAD and your NADPH, then automatically you’ve increased your body’s natural ability to detox.

And you don’t have to do you know, any type of whiz, bam, Thank you, ma’am. type of protocol. Right. So we’re speaking the same language there. But so I needed to insert that one word.



Jeff Hoyt: Absolutely. And that’s kind of what’s, what most people don’t understand is, they get a test and they’re high in heavy metals, they think they’re sick because they have heavy metals. In reality, I think they have heavy metal toxicity because they’re sick.

And then as you know, the coenzymes, and all the factors are lowered to your natural detox capacities, capacities have been shut off. Now at the same time, it becomes a problem anyway, that’s why when people are sick, they go get tested for Lyme, metals, everything they test for is positive, just because their body’s not working, they’re gonna get positive.

So the theory and then the testing. So the case studies, the testing we’re utilizing is the illegal scan, which we call the m&m analysis, metals, and minerals tissue analysis, and it’s detecting the level of heavy metals, minerals, and essential vitamins in the palm of your hand, which is unique composed to the other tests because the other tests are measuring what’s being excreted either through the hair, or the urine, or what’s circulating in the blood. This is a tissue test, which I find unique.

Because with, I think there are three levels of detox, I think, are three levels that basically toxin storage, you’ve got level one, which is going to be all the toxins that are floating around. So either from what you’re exposed to on a daily basis, or what your body’s releasing into level one, that’s kind of what your immune system is going to be attacking.

And what you just have a certain level of level two, I think is where the body, if it can’t get rid of, you know, right, when they’re, you’re exposed, your body wants to get rid of whatever I can, you know, just do natural, you know, KIDNEY LIVER natural detox functions, whenever it can’t get rid of, I think it pushes into level two, which is like a general tissue area. And that’s kind of a holding area. And from there, I think there’s a certain level that the body can hold of toxins.

And ideally, the body would keep them there for a while. But then when level one clears up, the body would dump level two back into level one circulation for the body to get rid of. If that never happens, then level two fills up, and they have to go to level three, I think level three is what I call deep storage. And that’s going to be like the deeply stored metals and Oregon’s and other areas.

And I think that is when it becomes very difficult to detox. So level one and two, I believe can be removed through key laters zeolite, and other detox agents fairly easily. And I think that when detox reactions occur, what’s actually happening is metals, and other toxins are being pushed from Level Two into level one.

And it’s crossing your body’s stress threshold and causing the symptoms because you’re handling a certain level and a mountain level one, then you just overburdened it with level two, I think that’s what’s happening. I think in order to get to level three, the only way to detox those is for your body to naturally push them out into levels two and one.

So in order to effectively do that, you have to basically remove the toxic elements in levels one and two, and consistently keep them low. So the body feels confident that it can push things out of level three, otherwise, you’re just going to overburden those levels and cause excess immune responses and etc. So that’s why when you have a stressful detox experience, you’re probably only detoxing levels one and two.

And some things are just getting stirred around and not really leaving the body. But your body’s not going to be getting rid of the level three metals, because that’s up to your body and the pathways are going to be closed to get to.


Dr. Joel Rosen: So and that also corresponds with what we just talked about, where if you don’t have enough firepower or water pressure, then because of the dosing and concentration of that binder or the zeolite in this case, then you’re you’re releasing from three to two or two to one, but you’re not necessarily dealing with it. And ultimately, I mean, would you say that’s an accurate part of the equation as well?


Jeff Hoyt: Why I don’t think the body is ever going to let go of a level three metal until it feels until there’s room in level two and why basically, so that’s kind of the theory, but I think level two can be grabbed by q&a. The reason I say this, and this is all new in the last eight months for me through the case study process is because we were also Using some key leaders, some of the strongest don’t key leaders.

And on the tissue test, even the key leaders were not able to remove metals. So if the body does not want to let go of the metals, it’s not going to let go, no matter what you use, the only way we were able to get the body to push out these metals, is through basically high enough doses of the Xeo charge, so that the body felt because it probably had less to do with the strength of the binder, and more to do with the concrete how comprehensive the binder is.

Because we’re not just talking about metals, if you just use a metal key later, like EDTA, you’re not going after excess ammonia, you’re not going after excess histamine, you’re not going after mycotoxins, microbial waste products, etc, you have to remove all that stuff from levels one and two, in order for the body to have enough capacity to receive more toxicity from level three, I think that’s why zeolite is so effective. Because it’s not just going out for metals, it’s going after most toxic elements and just clearing up space.

And at that point, the body feels competent, says you know what, there’s space, I’m going to push these metals or whatever else is stored in your brain and organs, push it out, and my body’s gonna be able to get it out. I think that’s what’s going on.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense. So I would imagine the way you came up with that theory, with the three levels, and seeing the pre and post-test was the fact that it must have been somewhat confused, or, you know, confusing or puzzling to see that these markers were actually going up versus going down.

And I think as an astute practitioner, you can come up with a lot of different theories, okay, it actually got worse, or it’s getting better, it’s actually moving, or there are some other things. So kinda is that what kind of helped you formulate that theory?


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah, exactly. And that’s why I like this illegal skin test too much because it’s looking at tissue. So if you just do a hair or a urine test, and you see increased output on the test, and the levels rise, you think, Oh, that’s good, or that’s what you should think it’s good, because you have metals that are coming out of somewhere. But what you don’t know is where are they coming out of, they might have just come out of level one, or level two, with this test. If the levels rise, you know, they’re coming out of level three, because we’re already looking at general tissue as the baseline. So it’s pretty easy on this test and most tests to get the levels to go down.

Because you just go in and you can grab whatever is floating around, no problem, the level goes down. But if you can get the like mercury level to rise on the test, that’s actually what you want, because it means it’s coming out of an organ or wherever it’s hiding. And it’s coming into the general tissue area, preparing to leave the body, right? People.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Might not understand why that is. But it’s not like they’re going to the mercury factory to play with mercury. I mean, it’s whatever was there before, is there now it’s just that it wasn’t coming out. And it couldn’t have come from any exogenous source. So that’s why Jeff saying it’s got to be from what it’s there. And I think that’s an important point to highlight where a lot of people will look at a test, Jeff, and they’ll say, oh, it’s not there. So I must not have it. But just because it’s not there doesn’t mean it’s not there. It just means that it’s not, it’s not showing itself.

And that can make a huge problem. So as far as what are some of the things that you’re seeing? So, which is interesting, which is the other observation that no matter what, when you’ve done sort of a meta-analysis of everyone that you’ve done, everyone has a certain baseline of these metals, which makes us redefine zero as not perfect. Right. So maybe talk a little bit about that.


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah, so that has been kind of interesting. Basically, there appears to be a certain level of, what we consider toxic metals, that the body can handle in general tissue, at least in the hand, because that’s what we’re testing the hand. If the body either is comfortable with it, or it wants to maintain it, there are a couple of theories, there’s one thing called ionic mimicry, where the body can actually use toxic metals for cellular functions.

Basically, if you run out of essential minerals, your body can use these toxic metals to keep you alive, although it’s not ideal. So that’s one theory, while your body is never going to let you get rid of every single toxic metal, the other one is just in general tissue area. They’re sequestered.

They’re not causing that many issues. You’re but for whatever reason, your body doesn’t want to let you go. What want to let them go? So yeah, we don’t know really why on that on a traditional test again, you’re just going to see levels that say zero because your body’s not releasing anything on this test, you’re gonna see levels that are staying the same, and no matter what you do, they just never budge.

And that’s just what the body wants it to be. So it just, it just shows you that no matter what you do, you’re never going to outsmart your body, and you’re never going to be able to outpower the body. So when we were using OSR, which is the strongest key later ever developed. That’s the mercury-specific key later by Boyd Haley. Animal studies go in and remove all the mercury in your body and cross the blood-brain barrier, all this stuff even that is not able to remove mercury or other metals if your body doesn’t want to let it go. That was the most interesting thing in the whole case study is when we discovered that.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Well, yeah, for sure. I mean, I think it points to a good point in that a lot of people get fixated on one thing, right, like, I’m sick, I’m not feeling good. It’s got to be like, I’m sick. I’m not feeling good. It’s mold. Or maybe the one thing is all of those like, I’m I have Lyme, I have more of heavy metals, I’m going to do a heavy metal detox, and I do a lime protocol and mold protocol.

And I liked the concept of being able to use a utility player, if you will, like zeal light, which is going to help with the different challenges of heavy metals and mycotoxins and histamines and be able to give you an added layer of support with whatever it is the protocol that you’re doing because it’s that much helpful. Just one thing as an aside, I do a lot of genetic test interpretations.

And if someone has led or aluminum or mercury, especially led and aluminum, they’ve known inhibitors of specific genetic enzymes that help with recycling iron by turning on your antioxidant response elements. So once you selectively like you said, selectively take those out, because they’re heavier metals. And it basically exchanges the positive charge of the mineral with the positive charge of the metal, and it does an exchange. Now, not only are you ridding yourself of that burden, but you’re turning back on enzymes that help with the process. So it’s a facilitating thing as well.

So I guess maybe explain that in terms of your surprise with the fact that when you did these studies, and you found that you improve not only did the pre and post-tests show that the minerals from the body burden were getting higher to a certain point. And then over time, they started to come back down to a baseline knowing that you were getting improvements. But a surprise finding was the fact that the minerals were going high and the balancing of those What Why do you think that was?


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah, so both the vitamins and the minerals, the vitamins were more surprising than the minerals. So the minerals improve when it shows you that the zero charges are not just going in and grabbing minerals. So that’s key finding number one, but the mineral status generally improves on zero charges. And a couple of reasons that could be one, minerals and metals, similar in structure. So if you have a toxic metal, like cadmium, it’s fighting for space in your cells for zinc, if you’ve got lead, it’s fighting for space, for calcium, etc. So these things kind of fight for space, right aluminum, and silicon.

So if you supplement with calcium or silicone, or zinc, a lot of times they’re not absorbing, because your body prefers the heavier element, which is the toxic metal. So the only way to raise the cellular level of those minerals a lot of times is to remove the competing metal. So I think that’s what happens if we remove the metal, naturally, these minerals will just start improving in their status. The other thing is just as you get healthier, your body’s naturally going to start going to balance on a mineral perspective.


Dr. Joel Rosen: You know, it’s funny how have these analogies, like a blood donation for a drug user, you know, like, it cleans up the receptor sites. So now they have the ability to, and I think I’m getting more into that as we speak, Jeff in terms of, it’s not just take the supplement and expect it to get better.

And then the more you take, the more you need. It’s more done in the Zen and the Art of supplementation in terms of pulsing it, like doing a protocol where, of course, you’d be testing it to see which would be the most effective way of doing it.

But doing something like you’re talking about with the experience, laying off of it, reintroducing some of the other nutrients and getting that much more of a therapeutic benefit, because you’ve basically done a sort of a reset, you know, like I always say, with the fuse breaker, you kind of turned on and off the fuse, sort of discharge all the binding sites that were being placed with the heavier metals that weren’t allowing the nutrients that you were using to work.

And now let alone you’re getting rid of all the debris and the mudslide that’s coming out. Now you’re that much more healthy for not needing the supplements and be doing better with food and see the supplements that you were taking are going to be that much more effective. Have you seen that?


Jeff Hoyt: Phenomena? Yeah, yeah. And that’s basically summarizing my whole philosophy on health. Two-step approach out with the bad and with the good, right, and a lot of people get caught up on putting all the good in through diet and supplements and everything else. But key number one is really to remove the bad because if the bad is competing with the urge preventing the absorption or utilization or transport or whatever of the good, you have to do both.

That’s why I think the zero charges is a great foundation because it basically makes your food more nutritious and makes your supplements work better. Just because it’s clearing out base for you’re clearing out that debris and junk to your cells can absorb stuff with the vitamins. That’s where it got interesting because we can, you know, metals and minerals directly compete vitamins generally don’t.

But the test tested for vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, six 912, and vitamin D, and the zero charges were able to dramatically increase the tissue levels of all of those vitamins. And these people were not supplementing with those vitamins, they were not changing their diet, they were doing nothing else but adding zero charge, and it was increasing the levels. So, a lot of those vitamins are antioxidants. So vitamin C, for example, if Anzio charges an antioxidant, so by removing the free radicals and sources of oxidative stress, the body doesn’t have to use up its resources as quickly. So levels just naturally rise.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Right? Yeah, we say it’s like there’s a term called the magnesium burn, right? When your body is just stuck in first gear, and it’s burning up all your minerals, it wouldn’t just be selected for magnesium, it would be for everything. And then once you slow down, and I always say this, I think you’re saying the same thing is pay your if I’m a business consultant to your body, let’s pay down your expenses first before we tried to increase sales, right?

And then once you’d pay down those expenses, now you’d have an increased surplus, to be able to wisely decide how you want to invest that into other venues. Awesome information, Jeff, as far as you do have a product to fully charge and I don’t want you to shoot yourself in the foot. But why would I want to take the fulvic charge if you’re showing in your studies that the zeolite is remineralizing and getting better vitamins on there?


Jeff Hoyt: Yeah, so there’s just a one-two punch mo we see zero charges the foundation, and then we see the fulvic charge as basically the second foundation. Zero charges out of the bad five of charges and with the good. So if you’re going to do one, definitely do zero charges. But when you add the fulvic charge to the zero charges, you’ll get even better results. Because fulvic isn’t a nutrient optimizer, it’s a bio enhancer, it’s helping the delivery, transport, and utilization of various minerals, and nutrients like Coke YUTAN, and other things as well.

It also has detox capacity, we don’t really recommend taking it on its own, because it does have the detox capacity. But it’s going to result in a more inefficient detox like most other chelating agents and detox agents. That’s why you want to take it at the same time as the zeal charge. So yeah, in terms of what it does have, it’s a combination of a purified Sheila ship extract and a bioactive Fulva complex.

So it’s a pretty high dose of fulvic. But it also has other adaptogenic properties. So in terms of mitochondrial support, it’s very good. Because it’s sort of like she legit is very good for mitochondrial support. So if you can increase your ATP output and your mitochondrial function, that’s going to help your body naturally start pushing out these metals. So in terms of detox, and just overall health, those are kind of my foundational one, two punches. And the nice thing is you can basically add them to your current protocol, no matter what it is, they’re not going to make a lien or fear. They’re just going to make everything work better.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah. And I would think to maybe you can correct me if I’m wrong, if you have the different levels of how what’s the word constitutionally weak someone is, then if they’re at the extreme, I would say the full Vic, because there may be not having those extra minerals and supporting nutrients once you do discharge those binding sites, whereas maybe someone that’s in that first or second order of health challenges would do suffice with already what they’re doing. But if they’re sort of all the way down would that be accurate? Would you say with the fulvic?


Jeff Hoyt: It kind of depends on the people, if someone is incredibly sensitive to supplements, and they usually can’t take anything, I would start them just on the CEO charge, just you know, at least for a month or two to clear things out, then they can introduce it. Generally, the healthy person just trying to overcome, you know, health issues that generally don’t that they can take stuff. Yeah, it’d be better to take both of them at the same time. So the two in two approaches what we did in a lot of the case studies, two tablespoons of zero charge, two capsules of fulvic charge.

And I do want to mention why we came up with those numbers. The two and two, on the vitamin status on the test, is kind of how we determined how well how stressful the experience was on the body. So traditionally speaking, detox is considered to be stressful, and most people say you suck it up and you go through it and all this stuff. What we believe is you can get through the detox process while actually reducing the stress load on your body. And that’s going to result in a much more effective detox and you can do it long term, which generally you need to do. So when we did one tablespoon of zero charges with or without the fulvic.

We were getting very good detox effects in most cases, but it was impairing the vitamin status and almost half the people. So they didn’t feel worse. They didn’t feel worse. They didn’t have physical symptoms, but the vitamins were lowering meaning the body was having to use up extra resources to combat the stress of detox, when we then raised those people to two tablespoons of zero charge, the vitamin status improved.

So that was like 90% of people should you still have the 10% of people that had to get between four and six tablespoons, to improve their vitamin status? Now, none of these people were having symptoms, that’s the great thing. If you’re having symptoms, you definitely know what stretching your body is. But on a test, we can tell, that’s how we came up with two as a starting point. Ideally, you know, if money’s not an issue, just start with four or six, but I understand it can get expensive. So just the general person starts with tourists.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Six of the of the charge, the zeal, zeal I charge right. And that’s what you were saying if you do start getting some kind of reaction, then up your zero light charge, so that you have more water pressure, if you will. Awesome information. I talked to you a little bit earlier before we got started to put you on the spot. But I do want to have my own challenge and my own testing.

So hopefully, I can read the part report, you know, in real-time, just with all my other socials, what’s going on with me, and I think I like the idea of having other surrogate markers along with the actual testing of the metals in your hand to show Okay, well, not only is that coming down, but what does that mean for all these other health challenges or markers that I may have had with my thyroid antibodies, or, you know, my high homocysteine or whatever else that reverse T three was super high, like, start to see those numbers go down because I find that once you address all these other things, it’s kind of like the Karate Kid where you’re waxing on waxing off and they’re asking, you know, Mr. Miyagi, when am I going to start doing, you know, some actual fights?

And same thing what am I going to start focusing on the reverse d3? Or what am I going to start focusing on this and you’re already doing it by getting healthy? Right. So I look forward to that what I was asked my question, last parting question, Jeff, to our guests here. If you knew now what you knew then? Or sorry, the other way around? If you knew then what you knew.

Now, with all your new information, what would you have told the younger Jeff version of yourself in order to leapfrog some of your health challenges or stress levels? Or just what are some of the words of wisdom, you would have told your younger self?


Jeff Hoyt: I mean, well, my very younger self, I would have avoided the antibiotics growing up as much as possible. And then in high school, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the shots. And then just going to the right people, basically looking at things differently, asking why I think that’s been the biggest thing for me is okay, you have thyroid dysfunction, and the doctor wants to put you on synthetic thyroid hormone. For me, it’s like, well, why why is my thyroid not working? Is it a thin synthetic thyroid deficiency?

Or is there something inhibiting My body’s ability to convert t 43? That type of thing. So I just always ask why. Until you can’t ask why anymore. And then you start there. And then you want to find a practitioner, functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Joel, someone that is asking why, and who’s giving more to the root cause as opposed to just band-aiding stuff up? Because the band can make you feel better? But you know, not great. For the long term, I’m more into the long-term solution. So yeah, I’d say just getting in with the right people and thinking differently.


Dr. Joel Rosen: No, that’s awesome information. So the company’s name is light labs, and I’ll have links and we’re going to talk about getting you guys to discount so that you can try this product. Jeff, I appreciate your wisdom and your time and I wish you nothing but future success in everything that you do. And thank you so much for sharing your time with us today.

Jeff Hoyt: Absolutely. It’s been a pleasure.

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