How To Harmonize EMF’s Impact On Your Body


Dr. Joel Rosen: Alright Hello, everyone and welcome back to another edition of the less stress life where we teach exhausted and burnt-out adults the truth about adrenal fatigue so that they can get their health back quickly and I’m joined by repeat guests, Robby Besner.

He is the Chief Science Officer, device developer, and co-founder of Thermosash, a premier infrared healing product and recognized as a world leader in infrared technology. He is also a prestigious Hippocrates, Health Institute, educational committee member, and a presenter at many, many medical integrative and anti-aging health conferences.

And I’m just so excited I can go on and on Robby, but I only have a couple of short moments to get as much information as we can. And we want to start the interview and get into the good stuff. So thanks so much for being here today.


Robby Besner: My goodness, Joel, I love meeting and seeing you again and talking to you about the latest things that we’re doing. And certainly, I appreciate the opportunity to just address our new technology the things that we’re doing and share that with your community.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah. I appreciate you being here as well. It’s always a wealth of information. And I like I said I was like the Wizard of Oz. I call you sort of like the guy with the gadgets that it’s always coming up with new innovative technology. And I had a client of mine asked me about your technology and asked me about the EMF harmonizer. And I was like, wait a minute what I don’t even know about this.

So you said you’ve been it’s been in your, in your, in your systems for a while or in your products for a while, but now it’s standalone. So kind of give us the genesis of why how, what, where, and what it does. So people that are potentially exhausted and burnt out, don’t realize that these things that are in our environment are impacting them, and how you’re able to remediate those things.


Robby Besner: Right? Okay. So just from an educational, pure educational point of view. Um, there are so many different kinds of stressors in our lives. And you know, you being the adrenal ninja and the expert in that category certainly can speak volumes to how epigenetics our environment, different things, how it affects us, and how our bodies manifest it in some kind of physical. Not even necessarily a disease, but certainly some kind of health challenge symptom of sore.

We’ve got this animal out there that is in our room, it’s a 500-pound elephant. It’s these exogenous frequencies, you can’t smell them, you can’t taste them, you can’t see them, you can’t hear them. Yet, it’s another big stressor out there. And as we’re seeing deeper into research, particularly with the pandemic and the challenges we’re having, it seems like microorganisms, that would be Candida parasites mold, that whole category, they get activated by these exaggerated frequencies, then the man-made frequencies, electromagnetic fields, EMF, and most people know about that if heard the term.

And then there are other culprits. One would be that we’re focusing on now, which is e, l, F, extremely low frequencies, or the kind of the street name for it is dirty electricity, people have heard of that, but they don’t quite know what it is is means. Ultimately, what these frequencies do as all wavelengths, whether it’s light or sound, electric frequencies, magnetic frequencies, they’re wavelengths, and they oscillate, they move in a certain direction.

And they also have certain amplitudes of power. And the problem with that, particularly with mF n LF is that these frequencies and RF, those are radio frequencies, by the way, like 24 gigahertz portable phones, for instance. And we’re talking about Bluetooth or wireless devices, for instance. So all these frequencies oscillate about 80 to 100 times higher than our body frequency, each of us our little body batteries. Every cell in our body is a battery, and, and we have a frequency. In the past, like in the 60s, it was called an R. Now it’s called like, I forget what they call a biofield.

That’s the modern term. But essentially, we have a field of energy that surrounds all of us almost like a safety net. And it allows our body to perceive things in a different way than just sight, sound, and smell, and taste. So this is all good information, there are brains or processes, and most of it is done without us even thinking about it, frankly. So EMF became a category for me because any device that is plugged into a wall will generate a magnetic field and electromagnetic field that uses alternating current, which is the sockets that we have in the US that everybody plugs devices into.

So if Robbie Basner device developer therapist is making healthy devices that help the body heal, and the plugin, like the infrared sauna, or the healing pads and so forth, I’m delivering great technology, but I’m also using electricity to do it. So am I generating an EMF? And what is the impact? How does it impact the integrity of the devices that we’re making in terms of the way our body interprets it and delivers that great, you know, solar energy to the body.

So 20 years ago, when I got on this notion and research, I didn’t think that the cell phone business would get this enormous as in Bluetooth wireless everything and, and, you know, hybrid cars and Tesla battery-operated cars and, and hotspots. I mean, I didn’t think that futuristic or that in that magnitude.


I just knew that inherently, there would be a conflict with our body and man-made frequencies that are outside the realm of nature, in a sense. And so I said, Well, if I’m going to do the best job I’ve been delivering sun energy infrared frequencies in my devices, then Rni sort of getting in my way by delivering it through a system that’s also delivering EMF and the answer there is yes, what conflicted.

So I decided to sort of school myself and develop remediating technology that would take care of the EMF problem. Okay, and most of that is what all the solutions, but not all, but most of the solutions out there, they shield and they block, okay, they shield an EMF or an elf, or they block it. Now, the problem with that is that it’s reactive, meaning they come out with 3g, I dial in my answer my solution for 3g, I get a completely integrated into my devices. As soon as it’s integrated, boom, they come out with 4g, now I got to dial it up, boom, they come out with 5g, and so on.

And, you know, truth be told, we look up at the cell towers, and we think that they’re mostly just maybe three or 5g, but the government, our government, and our armed forces, bless you, God bless you. They’re using seven and 10 g now. So even though those towers, those towers aren’t just 5g, they’re sending out way more powerful frequencies, than what the general public thinks is, is going on, or is going on? Okay, so that being said, I got pretty good at remediating but always bothered me that I was always reacting to something rather than being proactive.

And so one of my latest focuses your what you talk about, you know, I forget what you call me. But you know, the latest technology that I, Willy Wonka Yeah, well, yeah, Willy Wonka. And someone else coined a phrase and said I was the Steve Jobs of infrared. That’s kind of a cool, interesting way to look at it, you know. But the truth is, is that I’m just a regular guy. I’m a scientist, I am very lucky. I’m fortunate that I am dedicated my life and my business acumen to developing these devices.

And I have the wherewithal to keep dialing up my technology don’t have to go to a committee to ask permission to employ research and employ the latest and the greatest of everything that we do. And that’s part of my thing. So, I kept on bothering me and this is over 15 years now that we were effective at shielding and blocking, like most of the other people out there. But it bothered me that we weren’t anticipating or looking forward or doing something proactive. And that’s when I stumbled on a concept called harmonizing.

And if you go to our website, the latest solutions for EMF that we broke out that technology is already integrated into our saunas and our handling pads and the materials that we use, but now we have a standalone product that we call, Thera protect or Thera EMF protect. And essentially, it’s a particular kind of hologram. It’s like a sticker, it looks like a sticker. But it’s a material very particular material that we can imprint certain frequencies.

And a lot of them are earthing frequencies like the earth charge and Safa Geel frequencies and 432 hertz, and so forth, we can, we can record and imprint these frequencies on this little chip, or it’s a chip, but it’s a hologram. And they hold and hold those frequencies and they emanate those frequencies. So if you stick one on your cell phone, or you stick it on your tablet or your laptop, or a device that’s generating EMF, like your network router, for instance, things like that, it will generate a frequency that supports your body field, your safety net. So now it’s kind of like um…


Dr. Joel Rosen: It’s like the I keto of EMFs, right, I mean, cuz a keto is like using that person’s momentum and their force. Instead of being reactive. You’re using it to go against them. It’s like the keto of emf is really.


Robby Besner: Exactly, exactly well, and well put. Yeah, yeah, Joe. So So the thing about that is that we should know everybody out there should know that the problem with EMF isn’t the EMF itself, it is that it oscillates higher, but it’s that we can’t defend ourselves against it. Our shield isn’t strong enough. So that’s when it becomes a stressor. And when we’re immersed in the intensity of emf, then it collapses our biofield.

And now rather than having a field of energy protecting us, that’s maybe three feet around us. It’s now right on our bodies and If the emf is strong enough and keeps pounding enough, it now becomes another stressor that, again, affects our epigenetics, which could be our real genetics, like our DNA and RNA. Or it could be simply just a stressor just to, you know, kind of squash your immune system so that you become more susceptible to pathogens and, or it could just be that it brings out another genetic proclivity that you may have, that you may never that was recessive that you may never be seen before. But now you’ve got this other stressor, modern stressor, you know, and so I’m loving this harmonization piece.

And the work that we’re doing in this area, because it just goes on, there are so many fruitful frequencies, just like food that we eat that’s organic, that that is so healthy and important for our nutrition. So are these frequencies that are in nature that are all around us. Now we’ve already done that, as a company, we incorporate jade stone and, and different kinds of earth elements in our products. That’s the same idea, these stones, and these natural earth elements, generate frequencies that are very common, and important for our bodies to be healthy, but we don’t get them anymore, we’re starved from them. Because we’re modern, we wear shoes, we don’t touch the earth anymore.

I know you’re different because I see you out walking every day. And I know that you’re wearing sneakers. So even though you’re walking, you’re not touching the earth, the soul of that Rubber Soul is insulating you. So even though you’re close to the earth, you’re not grounded, as if you would be if you were barefoot, walking in the sand or just going on your lawn in front, or maybe even hugging a tree, it sounds funny. But that tree is planted into the ground, those roots are grounded.

And when you have that tree, you bring that Earth charge into you. And that balances your body battery. And it fortifies that field around you. And so what we’ve done is taken a page out of nature’s playbook. We’ve loaded up between 102 100 frequencies on these little chips. And then we make it as we do with all of our other devices and products and make it affordable so that people can get them to use them and create a healthy and happy environment for there for them to thrive in. So I know it’s a long-winded backdrop, but that’s kind of like what brought me the Genesis to where we are now on this topic.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, no, it’s awesome information. There are so many angles we can go I’ll just sort of add from what I do Robbie is you know, I help people that are exhausted and burnt out and the term Adrenal Fatigue is not accepted. So then they go back and they call it an HPA axis dysfunction. And I’ve even told you, as you know that it goes deeper than that it impacts the ability of the cells just to produce energy at the cellular level. So you could look at it as mitochondrial fatigue. But as we unravel the science, we know that mast cells are activated from the environment.

And EMFs is such a thing that activate the mast cells and mast cells produce free radicals, like superoxide and hydrogen peroxide and histamines and cytokines. And all of those things will damage the DNA. And it’s really weird. It’s like, it’s like, it’s like physics is like the redheaded stepchild when it comes to health practices because we all understand biology and chemistry.

But when you start talking about frequencies and wavelengths, you start getting kind of woo-woo with people that don’t understand it, but you’re not because it’s a branch of the sciences. Right? So yeah, as far as I’m curious, what how, how far like, what’s the like if you What’s the coverage point of how those harmonizers work if you have them in your home? Yeah.


Robby Besner: Well, we make a few different applications. So the ones that stick on your phones and sell tablets and laptops and so forth, they’re generally three meters around, basically nine feet around you over and you know, in front and behind and so forth. We do make what we call a home harmonizer which uses three of these holograms. And that goes on what looks like a nightlight and you plug that into the wall and it generates a signal 2500 feet. So but it is a single plane signal meaning that if you have a split level, you’d have to get one on the second level, it’ll go on one plane 2500 feet, but not upstairs or downstairs.

So of course you could always unplug it and move it if you want. Now, it not only sends out that signal that reinforces all living. That’s dogs, plants, people, little people, everybody But it also cleans the electricity that’s on the power line that’s feeding that socket. So that will influence the dirty electricity that might be coming from a different appliance that might be plugged into that same, same socket. So same principle, it’s all about fortifying our bodies and our fields so that we can protect ourselves the way nature and deliver created, you know, how it was created for us to work?


Dr. Joel Rosen: How do you determine the different frequencies? Do you have a setting on there to switch? Or what.


Robby Besner: That’s me. And, in my research, I’ve I have locked on and identified, what are the important frequencies that create a sustainable life system? And that’s what we’re implying.


Dr. Joel Rosen: You have three different frequencies or hundreds of different frequencies.


Robby Besner: No hundreds, there are hundreds, it takes more than two weeks to program these chips.


Dr. Joel Rosen: So it’s a chip in there that gets programmed and it admits simultaneously all these different frequencies. That’s correct. Gotcha. That’s awesome. That’s cool stuff. I’m like, Okay, I gotta get one. So that’s cool. But what I like about that, too, is that you know, we’ve had a couple of interviews in the past, which I’ll send links for people to listen to in terms of infrared. And, and the frequencies and why that’s so important.

And so many people do have that concern as you said, and as a conscientious producer, that you want to make sure that your product is not having five pluses and four negatives, right? You want to have a net plus, and I love the concept of Well, how do we not block or shield but how do we, I keto the thing so that we work with it are a lot of other info.

I mean, I look at it as you you’re not worried about competition because you can innovate faster than they can copy, right? Which is kind of cool. But are there other technologies and infrareds that are employing these remedial devices or blocking devices or not even things that harmonize at all?


Robby Besner: I don’t know of any other device developer that is harmonizing today to date. Gotcha. And frankly, we started this research, basically almost about three years ago. But I started jamming on it two years ago in terms of creating a production model that I could do integrate. And, like normal for Thermosash. We often employ incorporate upgrade our technology without up charging without doing anything like well, we do it because it’s the right thing to do, Dr. Joe and, and frankly, sometimes it takes us a year or so or more before we collect enough upgrades where we feel it needs to impact the cost of our goods, we want to keep our cost of goods very low to the consumer, their costs. So so as it is with this, we’ve been sticking we’ve been using these stickers, we’ve been integrating imprinting and these frequencies now for almost two years, the breakout of just the individual product is relatively new within the last year, year, year and a half or so.

And it’s important. We do have other people in the infrared sauna business that we were doing honestly I’m being humble about this, we were one of the first on the block 15 or 18 years ago to identify EMF as being a problem. And and and even though we got a lot of pushback from the medical community and healthcare community, what is an EMF I’m not bothering with that I just I have my cell phones, I don’t care, you know, it’s a problem. And now it’s becoming more important for people that people are noticing.

And so that’s part of my challenge because I’m forward-thinking and because I when I developed the EMF stuff 2015 to 20 years ago, I was what I thought was five to seven years ahead of my time and that’s the way I see this. This frequency how harmonizing technology, because we can prove it in science I can show with HRV with blood like blood, someone else’s I can do kinesiology, there are a lot of ways for me to show you that when you have one of my holograms one of my EMF devices, protection devices on you, it will build your field and make you stronger. We can do that. And we have done that. We did what was very close to a clinical trial or our IRB where we recruited you to know 11 to 12 practitioners 15 patient’s bed 150 to 175.


Participants, and we showed that our technology can improve the body strength in the body field, we’ve proved proven that. So, so but because it’s not quite mainstream, certainly five years ago, it was less mainstream. This is quantum physics. Not everybody’s read, the public isn’t truly ready for it yet, you know. And so I just do it because it’s the right thing. And then we start educating slowly as through different kinds of interviews like today and slowly get people to become aware of that these forces in nature exist, that you can harness them, and you can bring them around you, just as they have with the negative sides of things, we can also bring positive things around you, you just have to be aware that they exist, understand how you can get them. And then, of course, ask the right questions as you are today.

And then eventually make a choice, and then just see how, how it affects you and your family. And, and it’s important, like another great example, the new mother, she brings her child home, the child’s two days old, right? She can’t wait to get into her jeans, the first thing she buys is one of these wireless devices, that’s a camera and a microphone on the child and then a remote camera or screen, and, you know, a speaker so that they can see and hear their child’s sleeping or if they need attention. Well, that’s an RF signal.

This child’s brain has not even formed yet the connected dots, the neural pathways, they’re still forming up until the age of 18, or 20. Now, don’t you think that all of these exogenous frequencies that don’t belong in that room with that baby, which is part of that, and I’m not saying this, I’m not critical, I’m not coming from a place of judgment? If you’re a new mother, and you’re listening, and you have one of those devices, I’m not saying that you’re a bad person, I’m just saying you probably don’t even understand what those frequencies might be doing to your child.

And if you didn’t know, you might think twice about actually having that device that closes to your child, because it’s not going to help in any way. It probably goes in the other direction. So so these are common things, because the companies that make cell phones, the companies that make all these devices, don’t give a hoot about your health. They’re just looking at that. The faster streaming the faster gaming, the faster this the faster that right. And truth be told the two committees that that opine that regulates is the FTC, the Trade Commission, and the FCC, the communication commission, those that those are the companies or the Commission’s that are government regulated, that determined what frequencies can go in these devices. Guess how many people are health-minded, that sit on the board of those companies, or those committees that make those decisions? And that they are none? right? Exactly. Yeah, exactly. There are no because they’re not concerned about your health. And that’s unfortunate. But I am concerned about your health, your health, and so are you. And everybody out there should be concerned about their health and take responsibility for their health. So if you’re using a cell phone, or you’re driving a Tesla, that’s wonderful, I applaud you. But do it responsibly and understand that some negative effects may happen, which is part of our discussion today. And then take action as to the simple things and affordable things that you can do to fix it.


Dr. Joel Rosen: So in the Tesla, you would use the nine-foot or the three-foot radius for the Tesla for that.


Robby Besner: Yeah, but we put it depending on which one we probably have one or two of them, you know, in two different locations.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Right? So let me ask you this because it all leads to a very slippery slope. I know it does. And I know like, ignorance sometimes is bliss for people to not want to know about these things. But also, knowing the information being a concern, the conscientious person can be like, almost like anxiety-producing, right? Because to know, like, not even five g like seven G is being emitted from these towers. Like I think about the weapons that they’ve used that I used to see on 60 minutes where they showed how like you can throw a frequency into a crowd and cause them to disperse. That’s a pretty good idea of what frequencies can do to your body, let alone What about? Yeah.


Robby Besner: What about the heart program? What about all these weather devices, they’re shooting frequencies into our atmosphere and changing our weather. I mean, that’s how powerful these frequencies are, in terms of a force of nature, being a force of nature.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Well, how I mean, so I mean, again, I don’t want to go too down this rabbit hole. But I guess, how does it How were you able to deal with the hypocrisy and the lack of caring, and most importantly, the greed of wanting to make gazillions of dollars at risk of our health? And at the same time, you know, but pointing your finger at other things that, you know, you’re kind of wagging the tail kind of thing? Like, how do you deal with that I just as a personal friend, like?


Robby Besner: I don’t Yeah, I honestly don’t focus on things, I have no control over Jill. So, why get frustrated about a government agency or a failed community or failed healthcare system, you know, work on the solutions to all these, because that affects you and I and our families day to day every day. And so that’s what I that’s where I stay centered.

And it’s really easy. When you immerse for me anyway, when I dive deep into my research and my development and then creating the collateral materials to help people understand how important this work is. You know, that’s, I’m not distracted by any of that. In terms of for my world, that’s all noise. And I just blocked that noise out and stay focused, laser-focused on the things that I feel are important.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, like the Gandia frequency, right? I mean, at the end of the day, like, but you know what I would say, though, Robbie, let me ask you this. So talking about the studies, and I and I know in terms of Okay, explain to the user, or the listener here, like the statistically significant findings of being able to track and baseline someone’s stress response in way of HRV.

The lower it is, the more you’re under sympathetic dominance, the higher it is your parasympathetic system is, is improving, and you’re not under stress. And that’s the outcome you’re looking for in terms of if you start with a theory, and you’re able to measure a and then measure an again, and give something as a stimulus to see what changes a and if it gets better, it’s improving. If it gets worse, it’s not what actually what did you guys discover with what you with some of the products that you have?


Robby Besner: Well, the studies were published, and I’m happy to give you the link. So you can forward that on Oh, perfect, okay. So, you know, I took a very, very straightforward clinical approach to the study. So we set up all the rules, and some of them you just identified, so we have a baseline, how you are coming in for the day. And then we introduced the stressor, which was in this case, an EMF stressor, then we do another HRV, heart rate variability, and like you mentioned, but in lay terms, we’re measuring the way that your heart reacts to stimulus.

So for people out there that don’t know about heart rate variability, imagine like if you know, you were in a jungle, or you were just camping, and all of a sudden, a big animal came up, you know, close to you, your heart would just basically come out of your chest because you were nervous and scared. That’s called fight and fight or flight. So you’re either going to fight that animal, or you’re going to run as fast as you can in the other direction, right. That’s what we call sympathetic or sympathetic dominance. And, and in today’s world, we have that stress, just with, you know, what’s going on with the pandemic, and just our normal lifestyle. China, life lives these days trying to survive, right?

So we’re all feeling that in one way or another. And the longer you stay in that, that mode of being at the edge of your seat being anxious, the brain starts to say, like any chronic ailment, maybe this is the way you’re supposed to be for the rest of your life. But we all know it’s not right. And so, there’s a variance of the time it takes for your heart to go from an excited state to a calm state. And that’s what we’re measuring. So a healthy heart, a healthy autonomic nervous system will easily and quickly transition from being excited to being calm, and that’s when you’d get a higher HRV score.

And generally, that’s a younger person. The older you get, the slower it is for your heart to like, readjust back. And so that that we vote for a little bit lower score, because we have developed proprietary heart rate variability, technology and we use that to measure all of our devices to make sure that they are meeting our specifications. We were able to employ that, that system in analyzing EMF with this particular device that we were looking at.

So we measure your first bass level like coming through the door, we introduced the stress, which is the EMF, we take another measurement, we measure the difference between your normal state Coming in, and you’re excited state from the EMF. And so generally speaking, and about 96% of the time, that EMF caused your body physiology to actually decline greatly, and in some cases between 25 and 30%. So you had less power, you had less life, you had less vitality, okay?


Dr. Joel Rosen: Because more sympathetically driven, right meaning like you were in that sympathetic stress, not so much less, but you were ramped up, but there was less variance between your beat beats and you were more your vitality was impacted.


Robby Besner: Right? Another way to look at it is you just have so much energy in a given day. And the body in the brain, what it does is it kind of like the that’s like the command module where it takes that energy and decides to parcel it out to the areas that your body needs, the most of. So maybe 30% of that energy that every day when you wake up, is, is used for general just for body functions, breathing, thinking, eating, drinking, whatever things you don’t think about. And I know we’re running kind of short on time. So let’s be let’s, let’s get down to that.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Love that love the information.


Robby Besner: So. So what does the brain do with the rest of it? Well, if you’re sick, it’s sending an army of energy to try to get you better if you just injured yourself with an acute injury is sending an army of energy to fix your elbow, wherever you hurt yourself. So so when I talk about vitality and total power, and it’s diminishing by 30%, that’s that free energy that should normally be there so that you can run faster, jump higher, you know, be happy, like just be present, stuff like that.

Now that energy is being diverted, try to maintain homeostasis, which is a sort of equilibrium in your body energetically, to fight off the effects of this EMF and these exogenous frequencies around you. That’s the culprit. Because if you run out of resources, you run out of total energy, what happens to your field, it starts to collapse, because you can’t, you don’t have enough energy to keep it out there and to keep away all these frequencies that are hurting, you know, anyway.

I think it’s super important that people become more aware of this, we’ve developed technology that you can slap on a device to remediate. But truth be told, kick off your shoes and walk in the sand, kick off your shoes, and walk on the beach, or be sorry, on your front lawn, and hug an oak tree and all that stuff and just get connected to earth in nature.

Again, that’s the true, natural way to fix this. We’ve just modernized it and put it in ways that we can kind of fix our devices and patch up the areas of our lifestyles, modern lifestyles that are affecting us on a healthy way, in a healthy way for our health, it affects our health. So we can still have the comfort of all those devices without affecting our health. And that’s really what our endgame is here.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, no, I mean, I love your the way you use the analogy, and I mean, hon Sally a call that adaptive energy. And ultimately you’re talking about metabolic reserves, and you have a certain amount of metabolic reserve for a given day. And ultimately, you don’t want to spend it fleeing from tigers are fleeing from EMFs. So to you know, finish off that study when you would then see the baseline go down or that adaptive.


Robby Besner: Then running with them, bring the EMF solution, stick it on the person’s body, then take another scan, and 97% of the people came back to their original strength. So they gain back that 30%. And then, about 35% of the there was 2%, as a very small amount of people that it just barely made it to get them back to normal. But most often, it enhanced their body strength by somewhere around 20 to 25%.

So they swung back almost 50% from their low, which was the negative effects of the EMF, how it affected them. And that was pretty significant. The statistician that we hired take all the data and put it into a formidable essay. Couldn’t believe the results. And they were they, they were some of them were so you know, two 300% difference was so strong that I said.

This is incredible people are not going to believe the study you know and so let’s knock those numbers out because they’re just too high and he said you know rowdy you the good the bad the ugly you can’t knock anything out it is what it is. So we reported as we were supposed to all the results and they really what was truly amazing.


Dr. Joel Rosen: And that was the pendant correct? Yeah, that was a pendant. Okay. Awesome. I mean, listen, I love talking this with this stuff with you. What I always like I gotta have some kind of insider secret privileges. What’s with you know, like, because we’re just you and I talking? Who else is listening? What else do you have coming down the pike? I’m always interested to know in terms of r&d, what’s going on? What’s new and upcoming for you guys?


Robby Besner: Well, as you probably know, we’ve developed a specialized light LED light-emitting device or diode, and it goes into trying light, the name of its try light because we have three distinct frequencies and every diode which is something unique. from an engineering point of view. Generally, LCDs are monochromatic, which means there’s a single frequency assigned to each bulb, we have three frequencies in every bulb.

So we are three times more light energy emitting than most other diodes, I’d say close to all the other times on the market. And that’s what’s important because we’re looking as infrared specialists, we’re looking to get these special frequencies into our body. So the more and the more intense we can send those frequencies in, the more it’s going to help us on a cellular level and so important.

The latest edition of the trying light is a cap that you wear that helps with both training, traumatic brain injury, TBI, and any neuro plasmic. differentials. And it also helps with regrowing hair. So that’s our latest Opus on that on that.


Dr. Joel Rosen: That highlights they go into the infrared are those were Yeah, okay. That’s awesome.


Robby Besner: Now you’ve got the scope before anybody because I’m not gonna tell us to talk about it.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah. You know, what we got to have prevalent membership has to have its privileges, right? I mean, at the end of the day, so that’s always awesome. Hey, listen, I mean, I’m gonna switch up I usually ask a different question. I usually ask Hey, what would you tell the younger Robby that you didn’t know then that you know now, but I would say what’s most surprising to you in the evolution of Robbie and where you’ve started with and where you are now?

And you know, kind of like had this like what would be the biggest surprise in terms of if you look around and like kind of take a look at where you are now whereas where maybe you thought you would have been whether mentally physically spiritually what would you say the biggest surprises for you there.


Robby Besner: You know, I wake up every morning feeling blessed that I’ve been given a new breath and the opportunity to use my resources, my brain, my intuition, and how I’m guided by my surrounded by the voices in my head, my guidances I am amazed. And I’m blessed to have the ability to connect to my higher power and to use that information in the development of the things that that I make. And I do and that I’m gifted and I can bring it into your home, that’s going to make a difference to you and your family.

To allow you guys to live the life that you’re supposed to live the find your purpose find your bliss, and be able to live that in a healthy manner. Contrary to everything else that’s around us these days, a broken healthcare system, challenges with the economy, like all these other things that are going on, is, I think are things that are preventing us from actually finding our bliss.

Because we’re so concerned with so nervous, we’re so this was so that, right? So we’ve lost focus on the real game. Okay, in my mind. Anyway, um, the younger Robbie always communicated with this higher power but didn’t always listen. And in my 30s, I decided that the higher power is smarter than me. So it’s time to start to listen to what they’re saying, not just listen like its chatter. And so I put that to the test.

And I do it every day. I’m constantly interviewing and asking myself is this right and getting downloads that tell me I’m on the right track. And you know what, then the world keeps turning and creating new opportunities and creating new ways to keep dialing up what we do?


Dr. Joel Rosen: That’s awesome man, I think what’s great is I think you’ve used frequencies, proactively to help other people, but also to help you help other people too. So that’s awesome. Hey, Robbie, I always appreciate these interviews, what I’ll do is I’ll have links to be able to, how to see how to get these products into their own homes. And I always look forward to our next conversation. So I wish you and melody the best in the future. And I look forward to hearing about all the great things that you’re doing.


Robby Besner: Thank you, thank you again for having me. And you know, we should do a special offering or a bundle or something for your community so that they get incentivized not just to listen in and hear more, but also maybe take a try at some of the things that we’re doing and bring it into their houses and experience the stuff that we’re about. Yeah, well,

Dr. Joel Rosen
what do you I mean, we could talk off-air, do you want to kind of just throw something out there like a special bundle or not? What do you want?


Robby Besner: Yeah, it’s not my area.


Dr. Joel Rosen: It’s okay, we’ll figure it out. Once we figure out what the special bundle is, then I’ll post it on my socials, and then people will be able to get access to that.


Robby Besner: Totally. That’s just the way to do it. Awesome. Thanks, Robbie. My pleasure, great hat. It’s great being here today and appreciate being here.




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