How to allow spirituality to alchemize the body, mind, heart and soul with Jay Campbell

Dr. Joel Rosen: All right. Hello, everyone. And welcome back to another edition of the truth about your health podcast where we teach exhausted and burnt-out adults the truth about their health so that they can get their health back quite quickly. And a privilege it is to have Jay Campbell here he is the master of hormone optimization and optimized healthcare space allowing him and the chief innovator to end disrupters to the sickness care model industry. And he is the leading global evangelist teaching men, women, and doctors how to optimize their hormones, their life, and their happiness. He is a sought-out doctor on the Best Doctors. He’s a researcher. He’s a leader in the field of hormone optimization. He has his podcast, the Jay Campbell podcast, and it has powerful articles and emails regarding biohacking hormones, health, and performance. I’m sure I could go on and on. But we need to get to the meat and potatoes of today, Jay but thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you spending some time with us today.


Jay Campbell: It’s an awesome privilege. And I’m humbled and honored to be here with you, Doc. And I’m going to call you Doc and Joel at various points times in the show. But I’m grateful to be here, man. So let’s rock.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, me too. And you know, I’ll tell you just transparently, I didn’t know you. And we talked at a conference together last month. And I’ll tell you how, how nice it was because I was nervous and how nice it was for you to come up to me and shake my hand and tell me what a great job I did. That was really, really great. And I appreciate that. The other thing I wanted to say is, once I read your PowerPoint presentation for getting prepared for today, because you spoke right after me, I must not have been in the room because I was just relieved to finish my conversation. So you have so many gems in that presentation, we can go into so many different ways to help people that are listening here. But I always love to hear the backstory. And you know, being a holistic provider and ultimately getting focused on the integration of all health modalities for optimal health. Why don’t you just give our listeners and myself a background J as to how you got to where you got to given your life experiences.


Jay Campbell: Yeah, for sure, man, it’s a long story, I’m gonna give you the highest level 100,000 foot some, you know, I’m an ex-pro athlete, almost nine kids, had a cup of coffee, played basketball in Austria overseas when I was 23 years old, came back to the states and became a guy who went out into I was from the East Coast originally and moved out to the West Coast to get into Hollywood and be an actor and one of those guys. And you know, very truthfully, I got out of that fast when I saw what that was right? Without going into details about that. And I just naturally acclimated to sales and marketing because I’m a great communicator from my upbringing and stuff like that my father moved me around. I was in five high schools and five states in four years. So I always had to be that new guy, and I had to be good with my communication skills. And then as an athlete, you know, I was I had to beat everybody else out at a new location. At the age of 29. I was still playing, you know, essentially recreationally being a very high-level men’s adult basketball league in Los Angeles. I got kicked in the testicles went out, you know, normal. And then within two months, man, my health declined. So I went to a PPO provider, you know, a sick care guy back before sick care was truly sick care. This is 1999. And he was just, you know, I mean, again, there’s no luck right in the university. It’s all synchronicities. But he recommended I see an endocrinologist because he didn’t understand why someone like me was struggling like it was. It turned out I saw a world renowned guy who was just in the referral book in Southern California, Dr. Raymond Scruggs, and he took my blood panels and I had 237 or something like that, which is the total testosterone and free testosterone level of a geriatric and he was like, Look, I can put you on therapeutic testosterone. And I’ll have the writers rein in a couple of months, but go home, talk to your fiancee. I wasn’t married at the time. I was very close. It makes sure she’s cool with it. And then you know, let me know. So anyway, I went home, Dora was like, Hey, babe, you know, and by the way, this is my first wife. She’s long gone. Shout outs to her and Kelly. She said to me, you’re a smart guy. You know, I had a molecular biology minor in college, and I was always like a very studious, nerdy guy when it came to this kind of stuff. She’s like, Yeah, why not? But you know, truth Joe. I didn’t know anything about therapeutic testosterone at that point, but I trusted this guy. And obviously, I still did a little own research on the internet in 1999. And was like, okay, cool. So to fast forward again, a very, very long amazing story. He put me on to testosterone and literally within eight weeks of my life, I mean, I was like, I was 18. Again, I had no low back pain. I was jumping out of the gym, and my workouts were found I was you know, much more energy better cognition sexually. I was like an animal. And so he was wanting to take me off and I was like, Whoa, bro, I’m not going off this like no chance. Right? So, you know subsequently from there like the eight the next day From the age from eight to 10 of the next years, I just became the student of this, I read everything that you could find there really wasn’t much unfortunately online, if you could read Russian or Bulgarian you could probably find some stuff because they were tracking their track and field athletes. And they were giving therapeutic testosterone to them since the 70s. But there was nothing really in the Western literature was there were people that had HIV, people who were suffering from wasting diseases because these are the people that were using these medications therapeutically. So obviously, there were no compromise patient population groups where they had the research, but I reached out to a lot of these people as I was learning and becoming a student of this. And after 10 years, I tell people this all the time, I had, you know, one or two people everywhere for everybody that I would meet because I was a corporate guy in the digital automotive marketing space, I would they would look at my physique. And they would ask me, Wow, how do you keep yourself in such condition, and I would look and point blank in the eye, and you know, me, I’m a very transparent guy. And so I use therapeutic testosterone. And so at that time in the world, I would either get this look of like, you know, pawrents, like, you’re on steroids. Or I would get, you know, guys like you and me, they’d be like, Wow, tell me more. So it was always like one or two of those things. And so eventually, about 1012 years later, some of my closest friends were like, bro, you’re gonna write a book about this? Okay. And at that point, again, I have no formal medical training. I was like, you know, I’m successful in what I’m doing. I don’t want to, like bring any kind of unnecessary, you know, you know, being looked at. So I reached out to like one of the world’s biggest attorneys who didn’t know me from Adam, I was a nobody then, and just basically sent my white paper on my book and said, Hey, if somebody was to write a book about using therapeutic testosterone, you know, under the guidance of a physician, but as a layperson, what would happen and it was Rick Collins is a very famous guy is now a close friend of mine. And he said, Well, you know, it’s interesting that you said that to me because we need that. But you know, there’s a risk, so I shut it down and stop. Now I was 40, I want to say 41, or 42. At this time,

I also sent the white paper to three people that I just met on the internet, right from reading their books, and one of them was Nelson virgle, who wrote the book, testosterone demands guide, and built to survive and Nelson’s claim to fame is that he had HIV. And so he was using therapeutic testosterone to survive, literally, okay, he got my email, which again, I just found on the internet, God bless the internet, and responded three months later, because he was a national of Venezuela. And at the time, when I sent it to him, he was in Venezuela dealing with all the shit that was happening in Venezuela at that time. And he read it and emailed me in the middle of that I woke up one morning, and he was like, I don’t know who you are, but we need to talk. And so as I like to say, standing on the shoulders of giants, they kind of mentored me and coached me and I published my book about a year later. Okay, and then that book came out in 2015. And it became very quickly the number one selling book on Amazon for men’s health. And then subsequently, dude, I’ve met a bunch of amazing doctors, people like yourself, researchers, bla, bla, bla started traveling to the conferences. And then I wrote, you know, five more books in the next say, approximate five years on fasting, metabolic flexibility, health optimization, and then my you know, my real I guess master thesis is the testosterone optimization therapy Bible, which is 600 pages and over 1000 clinical research studies. As you know, now, a book that no one could read. Nobody’s gonna read a 600 page book. But in truth, there’s so much more in that book. And that was kind of the book that really sold me to the biohacking anti aging community is like, holy shit. This dude has like, really deep-level resource information. So here I stand, you know, doing podcasts with people like you now, you know, fast forward three or four years just to keep it in. I went to Peru and 2019 with my wife and another couple and I was molecularly altered from being in the Sacred Valley for 13 days, I had the world’s number one site for testosterone optimization, it was called to t I had between 15 and 20,000 Unique Visitors come in a month I had all these people that want to know about testosterone information, I consulted with doctors, and it was a business. And dude, I literally was like, eff that. When I come back, I’m Jay Campbell, raise your vibration guy. I don’t care what happens to my brand. I don’t care what happens to the people who follow me. If they don’t jive with the importance of raising human consciousness, they can fly kites. Right? So that was in 2019 and September so here we are almost now three years later, and it literally exploded my brand bro. The amazing thing is, is that I kept my standing in the quote unquote biohacking hormone optimization space, you know, even though I don’t do as much there anymore. But I’ve met so many amazing people to talk about consciousness and spirituality. So essentially, it shifted and expanded my brand. And now I have this amazing ability to talk to amazing people like you about all those different things.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, super cool story. A couple of things that I always like to make observations about is that just the success that leaves clues and ask asking the question, why not? Like, why not reach out to these people? I can, you know, just, I want answers and I want to move forward. And it’s not a question of if it’s just how and when. So I love that. I also love the term molecularly altered, that’s awesome term. As far as before the molecular alteration. Were along the way. Jay, did you have because, you know, raising your vibration was the new j, if you will, however, were along the way. Did you have little smoke signals about the sickness base care versus the health wellness care was that after the raising vibration?


Jay Campbell: So that was before? I’ll just it’s a great question. Nobody ever asked me that. I’ve always been a seeker. Like in sick, like, when I was six, I ran out of the back of Catholic Church. And my dad chased me out of there. And he’s like, where are you going, and I’m I don’t shit, you’re not to this day, I don’t even know how I knew this. It’s like my soul was aching. And I said I’m not going back to that cold. I was six years old. So I’ve always been this person that knew that the orthodoxy and the establishment were full of bullshit, as you and I both know, and that we were being taught and trained, probably the opposite of the truth, if not a total half truth or deception altogether. But I was always very private about that, like I, you know, I wasn’t talking about this, anywhere outside of my close circles. I did get asked to be in a group on Facebook called the decoders of truth. I built the group in 2016, was a Facebook private group called the decoders of truth with a couple of other guys who are now some of the world’s leading esoteric researchers, they’re on Ancient Aliens, and the group blew up, we have like 46,000 people in the group in a matter of like six months. And so I’m still the guy with you know, the Facebook account that built the group, it’s now only about 29,000 people because, you know, Facebook fact checkers, and, you know, they’ve removed all these things and stuff like that. And again, Facebook, is it what is it? What is Facebook at this point, but the reality is to your question is that I probably was one of the first people and I and I got this from, you know, going into the conferences and talking to the minds, but like to start talking about the statement of sick care and illness medicine, I want to say in 2017, you know, that’s when it started to dawn on me that this was all just complete BS, that big pharma, the Rockefellers, you know, they were running this, you know, this, this was a giant, you know, it’s like the 2020 to 2022 shit that you and I and everybody else has endured, this has been a conspiratorial organized racket, literally, from day one, you know, built in some office, somewhere internationally. My assumption is, you know, 10 years ahead of time, and, with medical allopathic medicine, I mean, this was built by John D. Rockefeller in the family. I mean, this was built in the 20s. You know, I have a good friend, and I don’t want to rabbit hole, but I have a really good friend named Pierre sybok, in England. And that’s not his real name. That’s his pen name for his books, but he’s writing a book right now, on the history of the Wii. And when it comes out, dude, if it’s allowed to be published, I mean, people are going to be shocked. I mean, this isn’t news to someone like you. But if they, you know, the average person can read about the actual V industry and understand like, what it was and how it was created, and how all the deceptions of, you know, polio and the assault vaccine and all this nonsense, like if this gets out into the mainstream in the way that he wants it to, it’s gonna be a game changer.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, I mean, a couple of things that I love, just organizing your feedback. So ultimately, you had it within you and I can resonate with that I’m from a traditional medical family, and I just never accepted the passive role of health, or not being able to acquire and be proactive. As far as I feel like it’s the perfect storm now where you have all of the environmental outlets of social media, and then chemicals and toxins, and then the ability to monetize and productize and so many things coupled with the honing in on who you want to influence and only giving them information you want them to hear. And then on top of that, where I think this is where it gets more esoteric Jay is Gene snips that used to be favorable for us in the past. So the warrior genes where if you need to continue that adrenaline so that you survive the encounter, then you would pass that on to your lineage. However, now because of all of these environmental disruptors, those make those less favorable than more favorable nowadays. So, so Okay, so with that, then I guess I’d love to just go down the Raise Your Vibration rabbit hole. I mean, there are other things I’d love to talk about, but Now that you said you had this molecular alteration, and you come back and like, Okay, I’ve been amazing in this field, I blew up and now I’m scrapping it. So maybe in what was the epiphany moment? What was the I got to do this now and I got to express myself? What was that all about?


Jay Campbell: The amazing question again. Thank you for asking it. Bro. Me and my wife. And the two people, George Cordova and his wife, Liz Cordova went with us to Peru. We’re on the lake Lake Titicaca, one of the seven wonders of the world, so to speak. And we had an indigenous chuckling guide. And he made ceremony right on the lake and you know, people say made ceremony did you do Ayahuasca? No, it wasn’t Ayahuasca it was just the native, you know, leaf, I forget what they’re called. But they’re just the leaf of the higher Andes. And I swear man, like, this usually gives me tears sometimes when I just retell the story, or even just think it but we made the ceremony on the lake, and all four of us, at the same time, were overwhelmed with tears. It was like the lake kissed us. It was the most awe-inspiring, you know, life-altering. I mean, all of us were like looking at Joe, like, why are we crying like we couldn’t comprehend it. And it was at that moment that I just had that that, like you said, that aha moment that like, wow, this is, you know, my purpose in place here in this time in this space is this invented personality of Jay Campbell is here to teach and lead, you know, the, on the importance of raising human consciousness that you know that I mean, it was dude, honestly, and I know, you know, this, but you know, for the audience. It was like the first time that I realized that everything was alive. And then everything was conscious. And that everything in our ecosystem, from the rocks, the trees, the fish, the water, the air that we breathe like everything is alive, and everything is sentient, and everything is conscious, and the indigenous people of me, so America have a term for that it’s called on me, I started researching this. When I got back to our hotel that later that day because that was the second day that we were in the auntie plateau of Lake Titicaca, which is like, I don’t know, it’s like 13,000 feet, you know, it’s high in the hit in the mountains of the Andes. I started Googling, at my hotel, they have the internet there, get escaped the internet anywhere you go these days. But I started Googling, like, you know, what I experienced. And that’s what came up the word on me, which is essentially divine reciprocity. It is the awareness of the indigenous, which was the Incas, and the Aztecs, and all the means to American people, that everything is conscious, everything is sentient, and everything is live. And because of that, you have to understand that like, what you do matters, right. So like, at that point, I realized, like, I’m never going to litter. I’m never going to kill a bug. I mean, like, everything is alive. And there are repercussions, you know, for desecrating life, you know, and that’s the one thing that you know, I think, and especially in western material cultures, that we don’t understand until we understand it. And so it was that aha moment that led me to think like, you know, what, I got to come back, and I have to do what I’m being divinely called to do, which is to teach people, again, through my work and my content through my creation, that consciousness is all that matters. And you know, this, and I can get metaphysical and I can go into the works of Dr. David Hawkins, I can talk about Walter Russell, I can talk about Joseph better, I can talk about Neville Goddard, you know, at the base, all we are is consciousness, right? Like we’re not these physical bodies, we are worrying, you know, electrons standing waves of energy. And that energy is infinite and eternal and ever expanding, you know, energy cannot be condensed, compressed, or destroyed. So it’s like when you get to that level, where it’s you realize, like, okay, now I gotta get that information out to more people so that we can all get to that place of like, we’re not petty, fighting, you know, duality, Republicans, Democrats, liberals conservative, it’s like, as you know, you kind of mentioned already the esoteric aspect of things. It’s like, whoever is in control, and that’s a whole podcast. They’re designed for us to be at odds with each other. It always has to be equal and opposite, you know what I mean? So it’s like, whatever your side they want you dug into one side. So it’s like, once you realize that we’re all equal, who gives a shit about our co-workers or our religions or our income levels? We’re all equal. We’re all this divine spiritual energy. That’s when you start realizing that the only solution is to opt out of the bullshit, but it’s hard bro. As you know, you know, you know like my good friend Rex Bear says bills and issues everybody’s got them. So it’s like, you know, you got to stay connected to the matrix but at the same level, you also have to become aware that you are not this physical body or this personality, you know, this personal name that you’ve created this ego mindset, and that there’s so much more and so that was it, dude. I mean, It didn’t matter, you know, I, you know, my wife thought I was crazy. You know, like God, you have all these people to follow you have all these people doing this, like, how are you going to do this? And I said I didn’t know but I was gonna let it happen. And the universe guided me and honestly did I didn’t lose a lot of my audience or traffic, I had some people, you know, that were like, What the hell are you doing? Dude, you’ve jumped, jumped the shark, you’ve gone full woowoo. But for the most part, most of the people that were following me for those reasons, they’re now like, even following me for the spiritual stuff, which is so cool. And I just think that was the evolution of my consciousness and my awareness.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, I love the story. I learned a lot of philosophies through direct response marketing guys that I used to study back in the past, like Dan Kennedy, and Jay Abraham and all that stuff. And one of the things I remember is, the reciprocity demands payment in advance, which I think is pretty amazing, right? Because you have to, you have to show it to reap it. And that means you already have to have that insight and application before you get that reward, if you will. But what I wanted to get to was, and also with the marketing message as well is, you don’t go in a crowd and say, Hey, you and expect everyone to turn around. But when you say Hey, Michael, you know, with the glasses and the nap pack backpack, or you know, if you have a specific message to someone, you’ll have them turn around, and it’s just a testament to you in terms of you had already had a really deeper relationship than just the outer layer of the onion of hormone optimization. Are you frank about it? Yeah. However, what I would be interested to hear the story through is okay, well, I can’t change what I’ve done already. Because that is a earlier stage of development of J. But now I also want to bring in the vibration. So now maybe let’s go into how you had to marry the two given that you are already doing it this way. And you weren’t really concerned about losing people, I guess you just wanted to add more value to the ones that did resonate with that new message. So how did you blend the two? And what were you doing before that now needed the change of the vibration concept?


Jay Campbell: I mean, again, another great question. I mean, it was, you know, at the beginning, I remember sitting on the plane flying back on Latin America, which is, you know, a subsidiary of Delta, from Peru to Los Angeles. And it just sitting there like had all these amazingly, like all inspiring thoughts. running through my mind, I also purchased this book at a bookstore, I always keep it really close to me, which was called Return of the children of the light. And this is a profound book. It’s just a little 165 page book by Judith bluestone Pollock, which is clearly a pseudonym, because it’s got so much profound information in it, but I just finished that book. I actually picked it up at the bookstore below Machu Picchu. So I was reading it kind of through our trip as we were going to all these amazing places in the Sacred Valley, but I just knew that the strategy was TRT revolution, which was my my base, my home site, which everybody knew me from and I had all my traffic to was going to J Now this is amazing, by the way to tell you this right now, because it’s actually exploding my brain right now. Like I have BDNF flying through my head. The first thing I found out when I landed because I had texted my guy before he took off through WhatsApp, my IT guy to go get J Domain. And when I landed, it was like, Sorry, bro, somebody owns it. They’re cyber stalking or cybersquatting on it. Jay C. Campbell, the middle initials available. I said, Okay, well, why that? Dude, I’ve literally I should share my screen right now. I just acquired J


Dr. Joel Rosen: Awesome. Yeah. That’s interesting.


Jay Campbell: Yeah. How cool is that? Right. So but but but to your answer to get a little bit deeper. I just knew that if I migrated my website from TRT revolution to J The rest would just take out take it the rest of it happened by itself. And sure, it would be weird and I had a lot of like, you know, weird URL issues and stuff like that with people saying like, what the hell but like I said, I just kind of let the universe God source you know, whatever you want to call it consciousness. Handle it. And you know, I had some issues with SEO, initially, but you know, it took it took about six months. And I swear, dude, I just naturally migrated my content. You know, I started talking about spiritual things on my YouTube videos. I started sending emails about spiritual content to my email list. And you know, I didn’t have as many I know Initially, my people that you know, architected my J Campbell slash to, to revolution ecosystem thought I was nuts. They were literally trying to talk me out of this. They’re like, Dude, are you want, and I was like, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care, you cannot talk me out of this, this is the right thing to do. I mean, divinely led and called and inspired. Trust me, it’s gonna work out. And it did. But it was really just like I said, just having the vision and being fully surrendered to the idea that this was the right thing to do. And I’m telling you, man, like, by by September, and by the way, we didn’t talk about this, but this is right before the scam duck. Right. So I had an agency that was helping me with this transition, Joel that I hired in November. And as you know, everything started to happen at the end of March of 2020. And literally in two weeks, I had, I had been with these guys for five months. And the two weeks since they announced the shutdown, they lost 3035 of their 46 People at the agency was a big Scottsdale agency, they worked with a bunch of influencers. And I just remember the gal that was the owner of the agency who I had met, I had flown into Scottsdale to be interviewed by them before we decided on them as my agency. And it was at the time, it was a big commitment for me to work with them. I’m so sorry, we’re gonna have to let you go. I don’t even have my own team. I’m letting everybody go. So, you know, I have that to deal with. And as you know, you and me and everybody else in the world was dealing with the scam that make a pandemic, or whatever the hell it was. And so it was weird, because like, all of a sudden, I kept going, I kept doing live streams, I kept going to my office, even though people were told to stay at home. And I kept talking about spiritual issues. And I kept interviewing people about, you know, COVID, and what was really happening and stuff like that. And honestly, by September, really late August of that year, all of the transitional content, it started to blow up, I started having all sorts of people message me, hey, we want to have you come on this guy’s podcast, we want to bring this person on your podcast, and most of the people were spiritual people. You know, there were people in the consciousness space. And so I’m like, wow, this is incredible, because I wasn’t literally like proactively recruiting this, it’s just now a natural kind of ebb and flow of what I essentially manifest, you know, consciously. So that’s kind of how it happened. And honestly, ever since then, it’s been a whirlwind. You know, I still have tons of people who want to talk to me about hormones, which I mostly ignore, unless they’re people like, you know, high level. And then, of course, the overwhelm of consciousness. I mean, I’m blessed, bro, I have so many people that want to talk to me about consciousness. Now, I don’t do any recruiting for my podcast anymore. You know, like I told you like, they’re very few people are even bring on my podcast right now, because my queue is so big. But I’m just blessed that now a lot of amazing people want to interview me or want to come on to J Campbell podcast that speak about consciousness and stuff. And I think I look at you as kind of the bridge though. Because like you are a successful, you know, physician, wellness, functional medicine, however you want to define yourself, but you also bridge spirituality and consciousness. And I believe that this is I don’t even believe it. I know it. This is where we’re going. This is where we’re going. This is going to be the model of wellness.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, no, that’s cool. Thank you for the compliment. So as far as the thing, the bridging gap, with that being said, I think is and actually metaphorically, it’s the same thing too, in terms of oxygen consumption rate. So just sort of hold that there for a second. You know, you talk about the, the Buddhists and the people that are able to control their autonomic nervous system through breath work, right, you’re able to tap into your entire physiology through controlling your how you utilize your your oxygen, if you will. And so you and I just had that conversation before we started that, you know, I used to see a lot of men that would do poorly with testosterone because they didn’t have magnesium. And I was saying to you Well, in my talk, the thing that I talked about is the biggest problem, the number one problem is we don’t breathe at the cellular level, effectively, we don’t make energy. And as a result, we burn through all our magnesium. So I guess the question would be Have you been finding with that being said, because I’m sure you didn’t throw the baby out complete with the bathwater? That’s your earlier passion. Are you finding now Jay, that even with this spiritual jam that you got going on, that the friction is removed, or just the oxygen consumption rate is lower so that people are getting more rounded integrative responses from all your protocols? Are you finding it to be catalystic in that way?


Jay Campbell: and I’m 100% in fact, and you don’t know this? Well you know about this, but you don’t know about this because it just happened in the last week. I just sold my company. So a seer costume which is my peptide company, you know, cosmeceutical peptides for face and hair, which you know we have a true The, you know, I would say revolutionary product for the hair product, it’s, it’s patented, we just sold the company, it sucked a lot of my day to day life and creativity out of me in 2021. Because we expanded, we essentially blew up. And, you know, I became for who I was essentially, because we were very small, very streamlined, you know, steady ship, the CEO in my functionality, you know, my partner was the comp was the, the maker of the product and the product, you know, the, essentially the developer and the formulator. And I was the face. So that sucked out a lot of my life in 2021 was now I’m like, free. So to answer your question, the friction was removed, but because of the stress of the day to day of work running us here in 2021, not so much in 2020 because it was still fledgling, you know, we went from like doing 5000 a month to 60,000 a month. And then 2021 We went on Ben greenfields podcasts, and we exploded, you know, and then we became a legitimate company that just sold for, you know, what we sold for.

that still required, a lot of management, insight, involvement, and energy for me on a day-to-day basis. And that now literally officially sold. We’re still 10% owners of the company, we have an upside kicker and stuff like that. But that is officially now not my day to day life. So I’m now free to be extremely creative, to talk to people about hormones. And yes, bro, I still have massive amounts of information and data. And very truthfully, again, it’s a great question. I don’t really talk about this much. I know this now through my meditation in my inner work, practice that the deeper you go into stillness, the more you’re able to access everything, right, because it’s my awareness slash belief that we do know everything. But when we descend into these physical bodies, we choose to forget it’s kind of the veil of forgetfulness. So I believe that all of us, the more we focus on our inner work, practice, have access to this like universal database. You know, people call it the Akashic records. There’s other names for it, the Hall of Records, whatever, I feel like you can access that information, because I’m not gonna lie to you do, like people ask me questions on now on podcasts, consciousness, people about quantum physics, and I talk about quantum physics, like I have a master’s in, you know, and that’s from my reading of many books on quantum physics, but it’s also from me, sitting in stillness every morning and having access to that database. So one thing I want to say, because your questions is a great question at the very beginning of it, the most, the number one problem with hormone optimization in the space is that the average doctor doing it has no effing clue what they’re doing. So you get a physician. And again, you cannot disparage physicians. Because at the end of the day, as you and I both know, physicians also have to eat, they have to pay college tuitions, and stuck in homes and mortgages and all the other same shit. And as you know, it’s harder and harder today for a physician to make money because of the insurance industry and subrogation and state medical licensing boards and all these chemicals that want to tap into your intake your body. So it’s like I get that they’re attempting to learn and navigate this as everybody else is kind of on their own. And as you know, if we really take a big picture and pull the onion back, dude, you’re not teaching this. This is a nuanced experiential body of practice. That’s why the doctors come to me, and they consult with me on how to do this, because I’ve been doing it for 22 years, right? Like I learned from an amazing teacher, it’s always standing on the shoulders of giants, but then it was just completely tinkering and experimenting and working with various doctors and using every delivery system and doing all these things. So it’s like, you know, I had to learn through doing it, you know, it wasn’t just interpreting the research and reading the studies, it was actually learning about it. So, you know, you know, to talk about magnesium depletion. I mean, there weren’t even any doctors, you know, up to like three years ago, that even understood anything about the kind of stuff that you’re talking about right now. And I’m talking about the best guys, because that’s all I work with. I don’t work with these, like garden variety chop shops, you know, we call them windmill clinics, and like the hormone optimization space, they’re on every corner and every major city, hey, for 299, you can get your testosterone, you know, replaced or optimized, right. And those guys have no idea what they’re doing, and they’re causing untold harm to God knows how many men and women but you know, the truth is, is that people like you and I are really now out there. Attempting, I would say attempting because all we can do is push our information into the universe and whether people receive it or not, it’s on them, but attempting to inform and enlighten. You know, and like I said, like, when you tell us you’re talking about magnesium depletion, dude, you’re in a very small select company of guys who understand that, you know what I mean? And so it’s like, this is like the kind of stuff that like where I want to go with this as we expand health into these frontiers that obviously we’re you and I are really taking it to is what we get. And I see as I told you before we started talking on the show, you know, I see is an integrative and alchemy, you know, perspective of looking at the body, soul, heart, mind, heart, mind, body and soul. And literally understanding like how to optimize it, because again, it’s almost a synergy or a triune, or whatever, where if one’s off, the other one cannot be optimized, right? Like so many guys, even in the hormone optimization space today still look at their endocrine system, and they forget thyroid, or they look at the thyroid, and they forget the endocrine system, or they look at the pancreas, and they’re like, Oh, we’re gonna change your diet and suppress blood glucose. But then they’re not looking at testosterone and thyroid. So it’s like, you know, all these things are integrates your symphony. And without balancing or optimizing one, you can’t, you can’t forget the others. And that’s where I see so many guys doing. So like I didn’t really see where this is going. Whereas like what you’re doing with reading people’s DNA and understanding people’s, you know, history from both epigenetic and genetic level, that’s how you create the perfect health optimization model is analyzing all the data. And then giving that stuff from a biofeedback standpoint to the patient, and then having the patient like know all of that, before they start, because most guys today are still doing it gunshot, they start them on six or seven different chemical agents, like you said, and then they deplete magnesium along with other other horrible things that happened to him from side effects standpoint, and then they think it sucks, or it doesn’t work. I mean, I’ve got 1000s of people say to me, testosterone replacement, or optimization doesn’t work. It just causes side effects. And I always have to be like, No, it works, it just doesn’t work for most people, because they don’t know how to do it correctly. So it’s like learning how to do this. And that’s where we are dude. I mean, that’s why the medical profession struggles to hormonally optimize people because they just don’t know how to do it.


Dr. Joel Rosen: You know, on the bridge of the consciousness, the frequency, the vibration, is what really puts it to life, right? It’s what what, what life is, and the veil of forgetfulness. I have these little, I guess, Campbell isms that I’ve been writing down already. So that’s awesome. So what I think about which I’ve been saying for a while, which I had a couple Aha, I’m lucky in the sense that I had an exercise physiology, my GPA really sucked because I was away from home, I was on the varsity soccer team, there was an electrical called going to classes and, you know, whenever I do enough just to get by, and then that hit me in the butt when I came to apply for chiropractic college in Canada. So I had to go back to school. And I got a second degree in psychology and I almost just continued through psychology, because it was so much more interesting to me than in the the other information, but what I came to understand was how fortuitous that was, because I look at it Jay in terms of on the most ground floor cellular level, even above the cells is the frequency right upon the cell frequencies. And then at the below that, or downstream is the cellular level, then is the tissue level, then is the organ level, then is the system level. And people forget on the system level, outside of that is the frequency again, and so where I where I came to learn is okay, if we know what it is that we want, at the 30,000 foot level and not just extrinsic things, but in transit, what’s our purpose? What’s our mission? What’s our greater, you know, our greater good? What do we want, like at a at a like really succinct level, and then reverse engineering that so that you do achieve that resonance, that’s where you can start to put it together. So to your point is, I like the idea of, of the integration of learning the information that’s accessible to everyone. But until you actually get in the cockpit and fly the plane, you’re gonna need to get in there and understand how the wind blows and how the altitude affects your flying meaning. You don’t know until you’re actually in the in the actual matrix, if you will, applying the the set or outside of the matrix, applying the system. And then going back and evolving and using that information to get greater insights and greater purposes. I think you’re right, that’s where it’s where it’s heading to. And just one last thing I want to say is, there’s a book that I just finished reading, it’s called hero on a mission. And one of the exercises they have you do is write your eulogy at the end. And one of my secrets that’s not a secret anymore as I love Jack lane. I thought the guy was so way ahead of his time, though. I’m literally Yeah, so I went on the internet to read his eulogy. And the guy. I mean, he was an innovator, except for Vic Tani. He was the first to bring exercise so I have that as like some in some weird kind of manifesting way that bringing the whole new way that health and wellness This is practice from a hormone optimization, if you will. But that comes because you’re doing all the other things first that the frequency cells, tissues, organs, systems frequency. So I guess where I wanted to go is anywhere with that. But what I did want to touch upon it with you is what what you’ve learned maybe just as this this complete left turn, unless you want to comment on what we just said, is on Metformin, and how important that is for balancing growth and recycling or a toffee G, but I’m sorry to sort of switch it up on you. And oh, no.


Jay Campbell: I think it’s great. But I do want to address what you said, Because bro, you’re nailing it. Yeah, so what I say now is, and this is crude or rudimentary, but I say, you know, let’s look at disease as a manifestation of what causes disease, right? So if we know what you and I do, and most of our audience is going to be a sophisticated audience, and they can follow us some people might not but you know, if you’re not, and you don’t pay attention, but most of them will, like you said, it’s frequency, we are vibrating molecules and standing waves of energy. And our vibration determines our physiological health state, right. So if you aren’t vibrating and victimhood fear or shame, which as you know, you presented the planet most likely is from the last few years from the scam, wearing masks, keeping your distance staying away from human energy fields, like so in fear all the time, not exercising, not eating right in the autonomic nervous system fight or flight response constantly, your physiological health degrades, but to what you just said, you’ve got a low vibration, which is going to cause inflammation, which is going to cause cellular degradation, as you said, which is ultimately going to lead to one of, if not multiple diseases of aging, which then is what kills the physical avatar body. So yes, you’re nailing it now to switch to Metformin. And by the way, what you and I are talking about it is so profound, I mean, I have a company now, that is cutting up my stuff. I can’t wait to get this because like the questions that you’ve asked in the Sci-Fi, I always think that in podcasts, people like you and I have all this information. But you and I can’t extract it. We need somebody to ask us the right question to extract. So your question is just amazing, because it’s like pulling it out of my brain. So I’m grateful that you did that Metformin, dude. I mean, you know, my article is put on the Harvard, you know, Edu-site, you know, that whatever that research pub, you know, thing is, I’ve written so many articles on Metformin. I mean, literally, you know, if you ask Dr. Peter Itea, he’s like, Well, you know, guys, Jay Campbell, He’s the world’s leading expert on that point. And so obviously, I’m a pro-Metformin, Hongke. I’ve read everything, I continue to read everything. I’ve been personally using a plant, you know, which is what Metformin is, since I started therapeutic testosterone, which again, is no coincidence, right? There’s the synchronicity in the universe. So I’ve been on Metformin for 21 years. I did my biological age with true diagnostic. I’m sure you know, Ryan, and my I’m 51. And I’m 20.4, according to that from a cellular age standpoint, right. So I’m doing a lot of things right now. I personally believe that I owe a lot of that to using Metformin for two decades, my wife has been on Metformin for a decade. Now, for the people that are listening to me right now that it’d be like, Yeah, but Metformin is in the news, and they’re recalling it and it’s got a night to nominated and in blah, blah, blah. I mean, at the end of the day, this is my tinfoil hat. And I know you’re with me on this. And by the way, I am stepping on the shoulders of giants when I say this, but I have a very famous neurological surgeon who I will not name his name, which you know, who he is telling me about eight years ago, that if Metformin was in the water supply, there would be no hospitals. That is how profound of a life extending and life altering agent again as a plant it is now as you know, the medical schools teach doctors in one on one and 102 that it causes renal failure or renal impairment and all this complete and utter nonsense because again, Big Pharma cannot patent it. They cannot make money on it. They give it away for free in your state, bro. It’s fair Publix in Florida. There’s no profit angle for you know, big pharma and big Madison to make money on it. But at the end of the day, it does so many things to enhance, you know, telomeres. I mean, I mean, I could go into the science it’s not worth it. You know, I’ve talked about so much and I’ll let you guys can link to the article that I wrote on it. It’s like 11,000 words. It’s just a failsafe for a person who is is, you know, desiring to live longer and stronger, to enhance cells to prevent cancer to suppress blood glucose to enhance and improve the creation of, you know, what is it? Accra, mon Asia, and the biome? I mean, it’s just there’s just so much data clinically. And by the way, I always tell people this is what’s so crazy about this drug is the data is again in compromised type two diabetic metabolically resistant, deranged, obese humans, how it extends their life. So it was like always, for me, it was like, Well, this is simple. You just extrapolate in a healthy person who’s extent who’s desiring to live a life extension lifestyle to take this, how can this not be better? Right? So now again, you’re gonna get the backlash, and you’re gonna get the fights and you’re gonna see people attack this. And you know, whenever I see idiots that are doctors on Twitter, or Instagram attacking that form, and I instantly like I just, I, it’s my mission for an hour to make sure that they understand that they’re clowns, and that they don’t know how to extrapolate or interpret data, and that the data isn’t again, a very diseased, you know, patient population group. Let me just say this.

Before this happened, you know, I became this Jay Campbell, he’s the guy talked about that form. And there was a doctor that went after me online four years ago. And now her and I are very close friends, and I don’t remember her name, it doesn’t matter. She lives in Las Vegas. She’s cool. She wrote an article about how Metformin causes mitochondrial dysfunction. Now I read it or you know, and then everybody sent it to me. And I read her article, and I was looking at her disease, I mean, her studies that she was using to interpret the data. And it was clear that she was a well-reasoned person, and that she was designed to help people and she, she works with a lot of obese women, and she helps them and she’s a nice person. I can’t think of her name right now. But I met her in person, we hung out. She was interpreting data. Joel, I swear to God from a study that had women that were morbidly obese, that were using nine grams of metformin a day for four months. So I mean, like, again, as you know, the difference between a pill and a poison is always the dosage. Right. So like, you always have to be very careful. And by the way, Peter did not do Montes Pyrrha Tia and Dave Asprey also glommed on to that research and went live and, you know, started attacking, you know, anybody who was promoted a promoter and a promoter of that form. And because of that, and again, so again, you know, people want it in their echo chambers with their cognitive dissonance, they want to jump in and they want to defend their positions. Now, look, at the end of the day, Dave Asprey sells stuff that competes with metformin. And there’s other people that do to my good friend Sean wells talks about die hydro Berberine, you know, shot, right, I love shot and don’t Hydra Berberine is a great option if you can’t get Metformin. But when you look at these things comparatively, and you see the cost of the hydro Berberian, okay, versus Metformin. And what they both do, I mean, I’ll tell you this right now, and Shawn and I talk, eventually, it will come out the dihydrate, Berberine. And Metformin should be used together, along with racemic lipoic acid, because of its profound glucose disposal now again, all of this is relevant to that person’s energy demand and their diet, you know, whether they’re a Keto or a normal diet guy, or a bodybuilder or whatever. But like, these are profound medications, you know, I don’t want to make this about a dihydrate program, but it has a lot of amazing things. It does a lot of amazing things for a lot of amazing people. And, and very truthfully, you know, this, if a person is going to be remained metabolically flexible, and eat an insulin-controlled diet, and do all the other things that you and I talked about, you don’t need either. Okay. But the average person is fat, and dying and sick and eating American food. The SAD diet, right, dude, I just sold this the other day. You might know this, I didn’t. This is insane. percent of men and women in the United States right now over the age of 40 are obese. Obese

percent over the age of 40. So think about what kind of disaster this is for the healthcare system. People were talking about, oh, they’re gonna die of the Wii, right? Who gives a shit that isn’t even relevant. They’re gonna die of some sort of metabolic derangement that will cause a heart, you know, incident glaucoma, type three diabetes, a neurodegenerative disorder, I mean, the list is endless, right? So it’s like, at what point do we start taking ownership and say, hey, there are clinical slash supplemental adjuvants that we can start giving to these people that can help them now obviously, yes, Joe, they have to clean up their diet. You know, people will say, you can’t tell fat people that Metformin is a is a, you know, a holy grail agent and it’s going To be a magic pill. And I’m like, Of course you can’t. But there is plenty of research that still shows that giving an obese person Metformin will extend their life between three to five years. Now I’m getting I’m not saying that should be used as a magic potion or pill or, you know, adjuvant but at the end of the day, dude, there’s too many fat people. And if we can give people a way to, you know, in addition to exercise, and again, controlling for insulin, and doing all the things that you recommend, in your practice, another way to help them that I’m all for it, I mean, again, I’m living this lifestyle, and I’m still using Metformin because I believe it just gives me a bunch of other effects that aren’t talked about, but which is, you know, tumor suppression, you know, and again, in improving my microbiome, you know, and there’s even a net tissue buildup effect. I’ve talked about this too, I could probably stop metformin and maintain the effects I’ve had probably for six months without even taking it. But it’s just like, in my mind, I’ve trained myself to use it, you know, and people were like, well, what are you joking, you didn’t ask for this dose. I use one gram am and I use one gram P. And then my wife uses 250, amp meal bed, am and pm. And I personally always tell people like, Look, if this is your process, you want to live longer and stronger store out at the lowest minimum dosage. See how you respond. I mean, look, Metformin, for people who are destroying themselves from a dietary perspective is going to cause gastric distress. It’s going to cause upset because you have God knows what you’re doing in your microbiome. You got all sorts of pathogens, virile agents, dude, I mean, you talked about like phosphate, imagine what that shit is doing. And to ourselves, as it sits there, imagine these poor bastards in the Midwest, who are breathing this shit in every day. It’s just dispersed in the air. Right? So that sits in the rinds of their visceral fat. It’s, in the muscles of the lower abs and supply. Like, I mean, I can’t even imagine what those chemicals are doing to people. So, you know, again, I know I’m long winded on Metformin, obviously, I really get passionate about talking about this. But if you can use something, and you’ve got a lot of work to do, that’s number one. And if you can’t use that form and get died or burn.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Yeah, I mean, there are so many things that I think about with that answer. I don’t know, how to temper, my wanting to shake someone silly when they are so dogmatic about sticking to one study, and not understanding the truth. It’s, you know, there again, back to marketing. There’s a book called true believer, and it’s by Hoffer, and it talks about just how, how we are wired to want that Mary Kay cosmetic award, and then that recognition, and then, I mean, whole nations where we’re, I guess, if you want to say like, like, what is it just, what’s the guy’s name? I’m thinking I’m starting to have a main, you know, with the guy with the flute that got all the rats to follow him. Pied Piper, yeah, the pied piper. I mean, we are engineered that way. But when you talk or when they’re being dogmatic about ignorance, it’s so frustrating. But I did ask you the question before a reason. So you see these pictures of like, I grew up in Canada, and in Toronto, in the 70s, there was this guy named Terry Fox, who wrote he raised every year, there’s a Terry Fox marathon, he had cancer, and he had one leg and he ran across the country. And he died just before doing it. But he’s a national hero.


Jay Campbell: Very familiar with the story of Terry Fox, very familiar.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Right? So but the point is, when you look at the pictures, J, everyone was skinny, you know, in those times, and you see how it’s not even so much the crappy diet, but all of these growth factors that require you to be persistent, I guess, what’s the word again, that I’m looking for, to be proactive about making sure that you’re turning on the ability of your body to recycle cells, and it’s almost like I know that spermidine is a big sponsor for Dave Asprey. He’s company and I had a lot of interviews with the guy spermidine Is to Metformin as is a daily supplement to be able to turn off your M for long enough, right but where I see the perfect storm is iron filings in our foods that break your iron levels that is a m toward driver growth factor, glyphosate. That’s a growth factor, pesticides, other sprays, chemicals, our growth factors. High corn syrup, fructose is a growth factor. You know, all of these synthetic bees in the foods, the hormones in our food, the antibiotics in our foods, all of these things aren’t glutamates in our foods, all of the things in our food are going to turn on your growth factor and that’s why you see pictured in the 2020s Where no one is skinny 80% of 40-year-olds are obese. So good. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m right there.


Jay Campbell: I mean, look, if I’m looking at this big picture, you know, positive perspective, it means guys like you and me, bro are going to eat until this physical body ends, right? Because there are so many people desperate for the awareness that we bring. But I will also say if I look at, you know, take that glass half full, you and I both know this will collapse, the allopathic system, there is no getting around this, they cannot survive this. Insurance cannot subrogate this, these people are brainwashed as you know, that my doctor said, My co-payments $40 That’s all I can. So I mean, all this shit dude is done. So it’s just a matter of you and I being vigilant, you know, being hyper focused continuing to broadcast to people who are receptive to our message, the merits of doing the things that you and I talk about. And as you know, dude, it’s never too late. Now, when I say that, I want to always really offset that if you’re 65.  And you’re obese, you got a lot of work to do.


Jay Campbell: Okay, you can go see Joe and pay him whatever his fee is, or you can consult with me and pay me my ridiculous fee. And we’re going to tell you right to your face, it took you 65 MFN years to look like you do, you ain’t going on a nine week keto program, bro. It ain’t gonna happen. So people have to temper their expectations. The reality that you know, where you are, is a product of your environment and a product of your lifestyle. And if you’re 35 and you’re obese, you got a lot more time to fix it than the 65-year-old and you also have a lot more, you know, cellular life at 35 than you do at 65 Being obese and metabolically deranged so I don’t know man, I just when I saw that data the other day, bro, I had my aha come to Jesus. I spun for about two minutes. And I thought you know what, it doesn’t even matter about the B. It doesn’t matter if the scam scammers come at us, you know with another hit with this because by the way, bro, I mean, let’s just get really tinfoil. This shit was updated two days ago. And when I woke up in the morning, you know, overnight, I turned I didn’t turn it off like an idiot. When I woke up it said, Here’s your face. What was it? It was like, oh, scan your eyes narrow so that when you’re wearing your mask? It will it.


Dr. Joel Rosen: has the new Yeah, the new face for the mask.


Jay Campbell: I was like well, there’s their tell predict programming. Like we both know it’s coming again. I mean, another thing so I froze, it was just like, wow, the bottom line is who gives a shit. The public is metabolically deranged, they’re gonna die. Whether it’s, you know, 1015 years from now 10, five, five, or 10 months from now. But as you know, dude, like without massive proactive change, they’re not going to live. I mean, I mean, that is the tipping point. So you know, they talk about all the population it’s a, it’s thinner, you know, whatever this V is, you know, it’s 100 years, we’re in the fourth turning, and they always want to depopulate the planet. I mean, maybe, but it doesn’t matter, because human beings are doing it to themselves.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Right? Yeah, it’s amazing. And that stat is even worse because you have the toe feasted on the outside and fat on the inside. Oh, absolutely. Even worse. But I do tell this analogy a lot. You look at lungs that have been smoked upon for 50 years and remove that signal for that to be deranged. That’s where we come full circle like a Seinfeld episode and bring a sort of spiritual alchemy together where your body has that incredible power to heal itself, even if you have hard, gnarly lungs for 5060 years. Oh, for sure. And I guess I liked that. I want to be respectful of your time. So I’m going to ask you my closing question. But I like your presentation. It is war. Right? Like you’ve got to take that mentality like burn the boats. I’m not turning back I gotta have a complete profound what is it called divine sort of molecular alteration, and really change my my, my approach to life and health. But with that being said, I guess Segwaying into what I like to ask as a parting question is, knowing what you know, now j with what you knew then, in terms of the truth about health, what would you have told earlier, I always call it the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed j, the information that you would have been advanced quicker or would have had a profound effect on your development. Had you known that information? Is there anything that sort of just jumps out at you?


Jay Campbell: Yeah, it’s a great question. The importance of being lean, as I said in my, in my, my presentation, I mean, you and I both know, bro, like, regardless of your economic level, no matter how much money you have, because, you know, let’s just be honest, as the world shifts, and you know, we go into what I call a separate parallel timeline of people like us and people who just want to be hooked to the machine and go into the metaverse right and have their souls captured, it’s gonna cost money to work with the best people. So at the end of the day, as I look at it as like, what is what can I give it as an advice standpoint, that cost nothing that anyone can use, especially at an earlier age in their life and remain, you know, to add value, and that is literally to remain weight. You and I both know, muscle and you know, this confuses some people, but muscle is the greatest deterrent to the diseases of aging, the more metabolically active your cells are, the less likely they are to be inflamed or to harbor inflammatory signal. So at the end of the day, if you keep your body fat as a woman below, I like to say between 15 and 20, below 20, and you keep your body fat between 10 and 15 as a man, you are going to live longer and stronger doing nothing else. Okay, then anyone else. I mean, it is that simple. Now you take those same body fat percentages, and you control for the things that you teach, you know, hormonal optimization, you know, peptides when you get older, possibly a micro dosage of growth hormone. I mean, when you start doing all these, like advanced, you know, 21st century and then even, you know, even further into the future bio, molecular, biomedical, you know, advanced Golden Age technologies. Now we’re talking guys, we’re in the middle of Fujicolor gene, again, we’re talking about living to 150, we’re talking about living to 200, right, like, it’s, in my mind, it’s possible. As I said, at the end of my presentation, which you have heard, age is the programming of ourselves. If we sit think at 60, we’re getting old and that’s what we’re creating. If we think while I’ve got what 100 years left, the same thing is being created. So our conscious beliefs or awareness or knowing is programming ourselves, for what we have coming in the future, right. And the only thing that matters is you know, bro is right now. And you know, as long as you have that conscious awareness that like you are, you know, the I Am, you know the consciousness aspect of who you are, you can create any physiological health construct, as you said, smoker, 16 year 50-year smoker, I’m done. I’m walking away from it, and I am now going to become a perfect, whole healthy and complete body. And you create that reality. Again, we are not these physical bodies, we are vibrating molecules and standing waves of energy. And so how can energy get AIDS? Or how can energy get COVID? Or how can energy get cancer or any of these things? Yes, the physical body gets those things, but it’s because of our spiritual traumas, you know, our, our metaphysical amputations, but all these things that bother us that we think on it we dwell on, that drops our vibration that lowers our frequency down here, instead of where it should be up here. You know, I’ll close with this man. I like to tell people that your vibration is a choice. And the very truth of the matter is, that happiness is a transient feeling. It’s a transient emotion. Joy is a state of being it is incumbent upon all of us to choose joy in every waking zero space now moment, regardless of what happens to us right now, if you do a lot of inner work you do meditation, contemplation, introspection, you sit in nature, you’re in that stillness, aspect, be still a no God, you will get to an awareness where you can you so let me set this up for people living in these physical bodies. All we have control over is ourselves, and our response to our reaction to what goes on around us. So if you do that inner work, practice every single day and you focus religiously on doing it, whether it’s five minutes, 30 minutes, or whatever, you know, you will get to a place in your life where you can choose to respond out of love versus react out of fear. And 80% of humanity reacts out of fear because again, they’re in that autonomic response, nervous fight or flight. You know, you know, I always say the end, you can have the most amazing meditation in the world in the morning you get in your car to drive to work or whatever it is you do and some maniac cut you off in traffic and literally almost killed you. Now, most people grab the steering wheel and MF the guy and you know if you’re like me and where I was earlier, My life you get into road rage, rock gonna kill you, you know what I mean? But it’s like the truly conscious person and has gotten to that place where they can choose, they will be like, Wow, that person’s having a bad day, I’m gonna wave at them. And energetically, I’m going to send them a resonant frequency of like, Hey, I send you love and light. Right? So that person chose to respond out of love. And as you know, Joel, we’re hardwired our brain is the limbic system is hardwired to respond to survival programming. So this is all conscious reprogramming of yourself that you learn from doing this inner work. And again, I am not some master, I would never tell anybody that I worked for nine years, since I’ve truly had my, what I would call my, you know, come to Jesus slash Dark Night of the Soul moment, to get to this place now, and it doesn’t always work every day, every day is it is a journey, right? And we’re gonna make bad decisions. It’s human, it’s up to you to fatten me to be fallible as to error as a human. So it’s gonna happen, but like, at the end of the day, man, all you have to do is choose to live in joy. Regardless of what happens to you. It’s like, you know, my wife is really good about this, she always says you’re alive, be grateful. Choose joy is your state of being no matter what happens. And I think that’s what we have to learn that again, happiness is transient and is caused by emotional reactions or things that happen in our life that are quote, unquote, defined as good. Whereas joy is a state that we learn to arrive at, in pure gratitude of like, Hey, I’m alive, what could be better?


Dr. Joel Rosen: That’s an awesome answer. And the great news is with plasticity and BDNF, you either are working hard to not be doing it or you’re working hard to do it, but it gets easier, no matter which way you turn. So awesome information. Jay. I love it. The new website is not seen it’s Jay just acquired today. I’m sure you’ve already heard of him, you can catch his podcast, and Chhim and raise your vibration to the next level. Jay, thank you so much for sharing your information today.


Jay Campbell: Joel, thank you, man. I get it a humbly grateful privilege and honor to be here and I can’t wait for you to come on the Jay Campbell podcast also.


Dr. Joel Rosen: Awesome. Thank you.


Check out Jay Campbell here

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  1. You Nailed IT ! Exactly what I Needed this AM. I’ve lived on Beer & Cigarrretts for 49 yr’s ( + a Nutritional Supplement ) Blessed to be Living a Do Over. I did have the privilege to talk to Joel. His simple suggestion was The missing Link that turned my current condition’s Around. ( if I had The $’s I would have Signed – Up ) I Can’t Thank You enough for Sharing…. It’s ALL GOoD ! Can’t wait to Share The Word.
    K Bell

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