How Stress Impacts Your Body: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 31

In this edition of Your Adrenal Fix: my special guest Mike Mutzel, M.S and I discuss the various ways stress can impact the body.

Not only is Mike a highly respected practitioner with a keen eye for cutting edge translational medicine, but he’s also one of the leading proponents of using bio-individuality to assess and prevent chronic disease.

Mike shares with us his approach to dealing with the impact of stress on the body.

Listeners will glean tried and true best practices on addressing internal and external stress, with particular attention paid to science-based strategies that help mitigate fatigue and burnout.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How to rebalance your bodies’ circadian rhythm to help combat fatigue & support adrenal health
  • The integral role the immune systems plays on regulating blood sugar, insulin resistance, & weight loss.
  • What it means to be metabolically inflexible and the simple routine changes that can bolster hormonal pliability.
  • The important distinction between ‘garden variety’ & cytokine-based disease & the secret to their respective remediation.
  • A common sense approach to daily protein intake & the pitfalls of allopathic medicine.
  • Mike’s personal recommendations & biohacks to reduce stress & better live life in the parasympathetic.

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