Hormone Imbalance In Women and Men: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 32

In this edition of “Your Adrenal Fix”, Dr. Joel Rosen speaks with Dr. Carrie Jones about hormone imbalance in women and men.

Dr. Carrie is a naturopathic physician and integrative doctor specializing in adrenal, thyroid, & sex hormones, and currently sits as the Medical Director for Precision Analytics, creators of the cutting edge DUTCH test.

Carrie utilizes her unique blend of holistic practice infused with modern functional medicine. She is a master of empowering her patients to take back control of their health, especially when they’ve been told they are “normal” but don’t feel “normal.”

It’s always great to have an opportunity to talk to Dr. Jones and hormone imbalance in women and men because as the medical director of a lab that tests hormones Carrie has seen it all.

When you review as many hormone tests as she has, you start to see trends. While every individual is different, there are very common patterns that begin to emerge. Any little insight that you can get from these common findings, maybe the difference in your own hormonal imbalance.

By listening to this episode of Hormone Imbalance in Women and Men, you will discover:

  • * How the DUTCH test stands alone in the assessment of individualistic hormonal imbalance
  • * The importance of the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) in resetting diurnal rhythm and fighting adrenal fatigue
  • * 3 phases of estrogen detox and how each relates to metabolic health and predisposition for the disease.
  • * Common signs of high & low estrogen, and how 2nd-level estrogen dominance can elicit these symptoms despite “normal” bloodwork
  • * How estrogen imbalance can ultimately affect melatonin synthesis, and the widespread implications this can have on your mood & sleep
  • * Carrie’s personal dietary & routine based strategies to better understand your body, balance your hormones and take back control of your health

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To listen to Dr. Carrie Jones interview regarding female hormone imbalances, click here. 


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