Glucose, Ketones and Adrenal Fatigue: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 26:

In this edition, we will be talking about the relationship between glucose, ketones, and adrenal fatigue.

Have you heard about the new rage of the ketogenic diet, and wonder if it’s a good idea for you?

How to do it? What’s involved? Or Why you need to measure your blood sugar and ketone levels?

The Ketogenic diet is not a diet to just dabble in. Yes, it can be very helpful and even the solution that you are looking for to recover from a chronic health problem.

But, you must FIRST become educated as to the nuts and bolts of measuring your ketones or why I can be just the tool you are looking for.

Who better to get those answers than the CEO of KETO-MOJO, then Dorian Greenow.

When you listen you’ll discover…
• Why it’s so important to measure both your glucose and blood sugar levels…
• Why measure your blood glucose/ketone levels is the accountability tool that you’ve been missing…
• The difference between psychological cravings and physiological hunger…
• All the health conditions that can be helped by becoming ketogenic…

• And much, much more.

Listen Now.

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