Energize Through Self Discovery: Game Changers Law #2

In Dave Asprey’s best seller book Game Changers, his second law he talks about in order to biohack your body is the concept: Energize Through Self Discovery

Well, that’s my take anyway.

However, Dave actually calls his second law “Never discover who you are”.

I like my translation better.

I have found, this to be true with my own adrenal issues. Which included but weren’t limited to:

  • fatigue,
  • exhaustion,
  • inability to handle stress.
  • crashing in the middle of the day,
  • brain fog, focus,
  • concentration concerns,
  • waking up with little energy,
  • low energy,
  • no motivation or drive,
  • non-existent libido,

All representative of Adrenal Fatigue.

What I have found to be true is a basic incongruency.  Or mismatch.

That is, Dave Asprey phrases it as never discover who you are. What he means by that statement is being true to yourself. If you don’t engage in activities or work that do no energize you, then Dave suggests that it drains you.

One or the other.

Another way of saying this is playing into your strengths.

It is suggested that as humans, our main motivation is to seek personal freedom with activities that allow full expression of who you are. This also implies having the opportunity to choose the pursuits and interests that you want to pursue.

Hence, I call it energize through self discovery.

As an action item, Dave gives two suggestions;

  1. Playing into your strengths. This is accomplished by dividing the things you do into 3 buckets. Things that drain you, things that you don’t mind doing, and things that give you energy. It was suggested to spend 90% of your time doing the things that give you energy, and 10% of the time doing things you don’t mind.
  2. Setting your alarm to go off 3 times during the day. Think of 3 words that describe who you are. Mine are impactful, loving, and energetic.

By pursuing the thing that you enjoy most, you will be able to actively decide and create who you are, while discovering your passion at the same time.

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