Cellular Hypothyroidism and Adrenals: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 24

Cellular hypothyroidism and Adrenals will be discussed in this edition.

If you are suffering from a chronic thyroid problem chance are the approach you are taking is outdated, off the mark, and it just might be making you worse.

Do you know what REALLY sets apart the old, archaic approach to thyroid support vs the brand new, researched-based support that really works?

Is it about taking the right compounded T4/T3 formula, or the right nutrient like selenium?


What matters are the core fundamentals that are often overlooked by those stuck in the old way of treating their thyroid?

And by the way, the old way no longer works with today’s knowledge base, environment, and way of practicing functional integrative medicine.

That’s why a new approach that understands the new way of looking at thyroid physiology, and the way that stress impacts it.

When you listen you’ll discover…

• Why the old way of thyroid support doesn’t work…

• The often overlooked data top functional medicine doctors are using to skyrocket their patient’s energy levels doing less not more…
• What cell danger means and why it’s important to you……
• And much, much more.

For more information, check out this thyroid podcast

Listen Now and learn about the relationship between cellular hypothyroidism and adrenals. For additional information on the untold relationship between the adrenals and thyroid, click here

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