Female Hormone Imbalances

For women who experience female hormone imbalances. From mood disorders, irritability, pain, tenderness, hot and cold flashes. Low to no libido. Dryness. Bloating, distention and GI disturbances, Even insomnia, fatigue, and brain fog. All can be linked back to hormonal imbalances.

Believe it or not, Stress is the common denominator with the female hormone imbalances. The body undergoes stress on a daily basis. Over and over again. Eventually, the resources in the body become depleted. However, the body still needs to find a way to meet the demands of stress.

Female hormone imbalance result. That is, when depleted, the priority of sexual reproduction is very low on the totem pole. With a limited supply of energy.

It’s the way that your body has been “engineered”. I say engineered because of stress, and the continual onslaught it has placed on your body.

Simply put, your body uses up more fuel and energy, at a faster rate than it replenishes it. With that, comes the consequences of your body prioritizing what it uses its limited amount of fuel towards.

Female hormone imbalance is a sad consequence of the way that your body has been engineered from the way stress has impacted it.

The stress has a predictive breakdown, which in turn has a predictive imbalance in female hormones. That’s the bad news.

But the good news is the predictive patterns to improve, recover, and thrive. When understood, female hormone imbalance can be restored. Naturally.


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