Biohack Your Adrenals: Game Changers Series

So you want to apply Dave Asprey’s Game Changer Approach to Biohack Your Adrenals? Well, maybe not so much the adrenal part. But chances are high, that you are looking to be the best version of yourself.

Even more likely however is the likelihood that you are not functioning at full capacity? Maybe you’ve noticed that you don’t handle your daily stressors the way that you used to.

From feeling exhausted, burnt out, falling behind on your daily tasks.

Perhaps experiencing the decline in mental capacity. Like your ability to focus, concentrate, being sharp on the ball, and a contributor.

We’ve found that when all of these things are going on, your body has been experiencing the accumulation of life’s stressors. As a result, your hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal feedback system has had to orchestrate these life stressors as well. Only in this case,  a lot of things can go wrong. A lot of things do go wrong.

So, I’ve decided to create a Game Changer Series. Where we connect the dots between what traits Dave identifies, that leaders, innovators, and Mavericks do to win at life.


Game Changers To Biohack Your Adrenals:

Dave Asprey mentioned that when he compiled all the data from those that he interviewed, what he found was pretty cool. He found 3 main areas of interest for biohacking the body.

  1. To become smarter,
  2. To become faster,
  3. To become happier

All reasonably universal. Meaning those that Dave Asprey interviewed, who were identified as leaders, innovators, and thought provokers in their respected area of expertise, all in some way, shape, or form, connected their ability to biohack the body, depending on becoming smarter, faster, or happier.

What was of extreme importance in Game Changers was this.

Because the mitochondria is programmed in your body to accomplish these 3 things:

  1. Flee, (survive),
  2. Feast, (survive)
  3. Fornicate (survive)

It can be summarized that your body has the instinctual orders to survive.

But to effectively biohack your adrenals, Dave explains the necessity to gravitate towards what you have been put on this planet for. Which is the real lesson. Overcoming your instincts for survival. While embracing what fuels your body.

Stay tuned.

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