Adrenal Fatigue and Micronutrients with Chris Masterjohn: Your Adrenal Fix Podcast 33

Adrenal fatigue and micronutrients are discussed with Chris Masterjohn in this adrenal of your adrenal fix.

Chris and I discuss the patterns that might be seen with individuals are burnt out and fatigued. To begin with, the vitamins and minerals associated with energy metabolism have to be considered and understood.

This includes the 7 B-Vitamins, along with Folate and Cobalamin. As well, iron status and oxygenation to the cells must also be determined.

With the 7 B-vitamins, problems with skin, hair, nails, and neurological deficits are highly likely.

Looking at some of the things that stand out that are unique to certain vitamins and minerals must be looked at.

As an example, circadian rhythms. If someone is not able to be entrained optimally to the sleep-wake cycles, Chris suggests looking at Vitamin A status with a 95% probability and 5% with zinc.

Vitamin A deficiency can also show difficulty with night vision, and with bumps on the skin.

Genetics also impacts the ability to utilize the active form of Vitamin A, making energy problems more likely.

Iron overload and deficiency are also discussed. Transferrin, ferritin, and iron status can be really information in the status of energy production.

To hear Chris’ version on why you need to manage your iron status and how to do it, go here.

Lastly, the perception of stress is discussed and how it impacts not just your adrenal glands, but your mineral status.

For more information about the HPA axis, click here.

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